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December 2022
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I made simple syrup (1:1 ratio) and cold brewed coffee (the coffee isn’t finished, but I started it). I now have this burning desire to order a case of mason jars. *rolls eyes at herself* Like I won’t have more empty jars from spagetti sauce and pickles and such anyways.

Need to work on my research paper. And the new project. I’ll call it the Bear App. And I really should get my yarn to the next step in the process, which is to tie it up and pull it off the niddy noddy. Wow it’s been a long time since I talked about that kind of stuff on the blog. *sighs happily*

Edited for Linda. She wanted me to link to some cold brewed coffee.

Sanity returns

I am going to be productive today. My brother is coming to visit and I want my shit for this week DONE before he gets here. Yesterday was an insanity day, but today I’m feeling sane and stubborn.

Also, if when you walk to get food, your body says, “no sugar, no caffiene.”, but you get a muffin and coffee, then you deserve what you get. When your body tells you, “maybe some fruit and tea and wait until lunch so we can get something tasty.” you should know better than to ignore it. *sighs* I mean, if your body freaking TALKS TO YOU THEN LISTEN.

Hmmm. It’s entirely possible that today isn’t as sane as I thought.

lesson learned: follow directions

So this week I’m kinda swamped, so I’m sharing a little catastrophe from last week. It was still eaten and tasted ok, but what should have taken maybe 15 minutes, took over an hour.

I decided to make puppy chow (people version. google it. there’s like a million recipes on the internet, but it’s all the same thing). We had a girl in HS who gave big tubs of it as birthday presents, but I hadn’t had it since then.

The idea is you take chocolate, peanut butter, butter and you melt it, then take chex and put it in a big bowl, pour the chocolate over the chex, mix. Then dump in a large bag with powdered sugar and shake until all the little pieces are well coated. I was having a shitty day (last week was rough too. I’m hoping that after Monday I’ll feel much better.) and when I realized I’d forgotten to ask for a paper bag or to buy very large plastic bags despite having gone to the grocery store twice that day I thought I’d make due. I mean, I have a large pot and that should work, right?

Ummm… no. First bad idea was to skip the pouring of chocolate over the chex in a clean bowl… Then adding to that (I could have recovered at this point probably) I dumped in powdered sugar… which meant I had a glommy ugly mess and my arms were falling off from shaking a pot.

So I dumped the contents in a large flat tupperware container I have.

This is what was on the bottom of the pot. Sometimes my determination and impatience bites me on the ass.

This is the contents of the tupperware when I finally realized nothing was going to save this and I took it to school and let the guys eat it.

The end.