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January 2023
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Fudge ecstasy

I cannot spell that word. I don’t even know why, but for some reason I cannot spell ecstasy. I couldn’t even get it close enough to google or spell check it. But I think finally it is correct.

So this weekend (I know it’s Thursday already. This week has been hectic and fast. Last week was super busy and slow. You can never predict these things. Kinda like the weather up here in Boston.) Right. So this weekend, I made these things called fudge ecstasies. They were named appropriately. All the cookies are gone now. Granted the batter was limited to the size of a sauce pan

Because part of what makes these cookies so fabuluous is that they are mostly melted chocolate. 2 oz of unsweetened chocolate. I got a bar of 100% cocoa or cacao… I can’t remember, but it should be the same? no? I dunno. They were damn good cookies. 12 oz of semi-sweet chips. Half go into the melting pot with the 2 oz and the 2 tbs of butter. After it’s all mixed and wet, then you take it off the heat, add in some other stuff and use a mixer to finish it off. Then you add in chopped nuts and the rest of the semi-sweet chips and make cookies.

The cookies bake until the surface is dull and crackled. (I didn’t do so well the first time around and they were a little raw. You really should go by the surface being dull and crackled.) But the cookies are rich and satisfying and small and perfect and very easy to make.

The reason I didn’t do so well though was that thing you see in the picture. Says, “made in France”? It’s called a silpat. It is wonderful. The bottoms didn’t burn. The cookies came really easily off it (needed to use a spatula though because I took them off while still warm). Honestly. I have one baking sheet (it’s flipped upside down under the silpat) and it burns the bottoms of stuff. Not to mention Bear likes to use it for meat products and piss me off, but still. The silpat made perfect cookies.

Just add a few minutes to the recommended baking time.

baking and sharing

I actually enjoyed taking pictures of the cupcakes and pumpkin cookies. Usually when I’m taking pictures it’s a hard hard thing. I don’t enjoy it, but I know I’ll want the pictures later, so I do it anyways. But the baking is somehow less stressful and more rewarding.

See? I took these pictures really quick because I was in a hurry, but I think the food looks as inviting here as it did when it was in front of me.

Wouldn’t those have tempted you past all bearing too? I’m so glad they are gone now. They were just killing me.

The pumpkin cookies really were like little pieces of pumpkin bread and not real cookies. Which means every time I try to call them cookies I can’t and I end up saying or typing pumpkin cookies and that just gets long and tiring and the cookies… I mean pumpkin cookies really were tasty. Even if these didn’t have chocolate chips because Bear thought they were terrible with chocolate in them.

So I took that box of cupcakes and cookies to the lab yesterday and set it out on the table for the group of grad students I work with to eat. Only three of the guys from my group weren’t in yesterday and it’s Ramadan so what I thought would be vanished in like an hour took most of the day to be consumed. But they did all disappear. I got many compliments. The girl who sits next to me even got compliments. I think next time I’ll bake and then immediately set aside for the lab, then maybe Bear and I won’t have such willpower issues. And I’m definitely halving recipes.

sugar shame

I was going to write this cute little title about tempting evil sugar and then something in my head said something about a quote with women and temptation or vileness or something and so I went to google. That was a bad idea. Like really bad. So instead I’ll just continue on the shame theme.

So this weekend, Saturday specifically, I baked. Pumpkin cookies and cupcakes. I made the icing, cookies and little cakes from scratch. Do you realize how much sugar that is? I promise you don’t want to know. And while this was a fun venture, I think I’ll need to be more careful in the future. Because do you want to know what I ended up eating this weekend?

  • salmon and some mashed potatoes (Bear cooked some really really great salmon on Saturday that was supposed to end up in our lunches today. I only got to eat a little during lunch on Saturday. After that Bear lived up to his moniker. He gobbled it down Saturday for dinner, Sunday for breakfast in sandwiches. *sighs*)
  • hardboiled eggs Sunday morning (while Bear was gobbling down salmon. My stomach couldn’t handle salmon for breakfast, so I missed out.)
  • a tomato.
  • one pork rib (how that man eats so much meat is beyond me.)

If that were all I had eaten, it would be ok. I mean, I would have been a little hungry, but at least I wouldn’t be here confessing my shame again. But the reason I didn’t have dinner on Sunday was because I was baking. I was in the kitchen for around six hours. (I’m still peeved about the salmon. I know he couldn’t get into the kitchen to cook anything Saturday night, so fine, I get eating more of the salmon without me then. But for breakfast?? Am I the only one who wouldn’t be willing to gobble down salmon for breakfast?)

I baked pumpkin cookies and cupcakes. (I’ll post pics tomorrow. I didn’t take any while I was baking. I had the whole processes pipelined with the mixing, transferring baked goods off and raw stuff on (only one baking sheet), icing, and cleaning and just didn’t think to add picture taking.) I made everything from scratch. I never realized icing was such a pain to make. But the problem was that I snacked. I ate cookies and cupcakes. And I think the problem with making the stuff is that you know exactly how much sugar is in each of those little cookies and cupcakes. Now granted the pumpkin cookies actually weren’t that bad. They had as much pumpkin as butter and sugar combined, but the cupcakes. Ohmy. They were really tasty. They really were. But eating like one killed me. So you can see why there was no dinner for me on Saturday. 3 cookies and a cupcake did me in. And on Sunday. I can’t even speak of Sunday.

I think I need to eat salads for a little while now. And Bear might growl, but the other grad students are going to get a treat tomorrow. They need a sugar high. We have lots of papers to review in Oct.