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January 2023
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I haven’t blogged in agessssssss. Oh goodness. I promise I won’t turn into someone that only talks about work, but I worked over 10 hours today. For two weeks I worked straight through, working around 10 hours or more a day. Tomorrow might be just as bad. Considering I stayed up WAY too late last night, I’m probably going to have to crash soon too. All of this is to say that I’ve been working a bit lately. Bear has been aces while I’ve been working my tail off though. It’s been the most awesome thing about having to work this much is seeing how amazing of a partner he can be.

I’ve also got family stuff going on. Bear and I are going to visit his mom next month and I’ve been playing an online game with my mom. She’s very attached and plays almost every night and asks me to play with her. So I do very often when I’m not working or telling her I can’t so that I can spend time with Bear. I’ve also been knitting again (YAY). Currently I just have a lot of test squares, but my grandmother has also asked for a turtleneck/scarf thing. I’ve ordered the yarn, it’s just taking a bit to get to me. I’ll post pictures once I figure that out. In the meantime, enjoy my new favorite song:


The Strokes – One Way Trigger

When I’m unemployed

Different Inks:

Fountain Pens:

Fingerless Mittens (from undocumented handspun):

Handmade Scarf for BDF

BDF Scarf, folded

BDF Scarf, hanging

Sock heel tips

So I’ve had trouble remembering how I like to make sock heels. I always knit toe up and I like gussets and I like to have the cushion bit at the back of my ankle. So here’s my rewritten instructions (for magic loop, which is my favorite method).

n = total number of sts after the toe DIVIDED by 4
X = ((n-1)*3)/4

Knit in pattern across side 1
On side 2, k1, m1l, knit until 1 st left, m1r, k1
Alternate the above increase round with plain rounds until you have increased an appropriate number of sts for gusset (for my crayon socks, that number was 17, which meant a total of 34 rows.)

Turn Heel:
Knit in pattern around until halfway through side 2 of sock.
kX sts past halfway marker, m1l, k1, w&t
p(2X+2), m1p, p1, w&t
Do this until you have (n-1)/4 wraps each side.
Knit one complete round, picking up wraps and knitting them with the wrapped stitches as you come to them. This should bring you back around to the middle of side 2.

Heel Flap:
Slip the first stitch purlwise with the yarn in back, knit the next stitch until n – 1 stitches from center, ssk & turn work without wrapping
sl1, purl to end of needle 4, purl n – 1 stitches on needle 3, p2tog & turn without wrapping.
Repeat these two rows, always slipping the first stitch after you turn your work and decreasing at the end with p2tog or ssk, until all gusset increases, minus 1, are decreased.