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August 2022
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something that you’ll really love

Apparently Thursdays and Tuesdays make good posting days?

So I’ve been knitting a bunch and not just for other people.

Convertible mittens for Superwoman


Superwoman and her gang moved to the middle of the country and thus warmer items for them will probably show up a lot more on the blog. According to her husband they’ve worn out many pairs of mittens already too. This yarn is really soft (I found out they were having issues after I’d ordered the yarn), so I’m going on a mission to make harder wearing mittens too.

Coal for me (Must Have Cardigan from Paton’s Street Smart)


I have twice before now tried knitting a sweater for myself, but I think the third time might be the charm. I am LOVING knitting these cables and I’m pretty sure it’s going to fit (probably on the too big size but finishing is the goal). I was using bigger needles and I got about this far and realized that this was going to be ENTIRELY too large and even worse that I didn’t like the fabric. I should probably go down another needle size, but this fabric is fine and I think I would have to shoot myself if I had to reknit this portion of the back AGAIN. Hell, I even made a mistake and it is VERY obvious in this picture but I am going to live with it and I’ll LIKE IT.

(Linda, lyrics are from Bohemian Like You by The Dandy Warhols. I heard it this morning on the radio and I have earworm now.)

apple of my eye

So this Christmas break my aunt asked for fingerless gloves that converted into mittens. If you haven’t seen how these work:

There’s a mitten top flap that you pull over your fingers and underneath it looks like a fingerless mitten.

They (my aunt, Superwoman, and her oldest daughter, Pippi) really liked the look of my handspun. The gradient and random color changes appealed to them more than the colorwork mittens I’ve been doing. So I told them I would make them fingerless mittens and convertible mittens out of handspun. So on Sunday and yesterday, I did this:

So my problem comes in with the ball on the left. The weight of that ball is about 30 grams. The weight of the mitten is about 60 grams. This means that when I finish the thumb I’ll probably have about a 65 gram mitten and the ball will be about 25 grams. There’s no way I can make a second mitten out of 25 grams of yarn. Sadly I’m not that crazy. I’m not sure WHY I kept knitting when I realized this problem was coming. I KNEW it, but I kept going.

I’m super bummed because I think these mittens are gorgeous.

I think I even handled attaching the flap part pretty well. That the colors match close enough that it looks pretty open and closed from the front and the back.

So I’m stuck. I could reknit these as just fingerless mittens. I MIGHT be able to eek plain mittens out of the yarn I’ve got, especially if I went up a needle size. I could totally drop the idea of using this yarn for mittens and make a hat (I’ve never made myself a hat). But I don’t think I’ve GOT enough handspun in fun colors to make Superwoman her convertible mittens. So MAYBE what I could do is take some commercial yarn and knit the ribbed parts with commercial yarn and do the rest out of my handspun. I might have enough yarn if I do that… I’m just not sure.

But one thing is for sure, I won’t be getting convertible mittens out of this yarn. If I WANT to make convertible mittens completely from handspun I’m going to have to spin the yarn from scratch. So I guess the real problem here is that I won’t have mittens for her in a week unless I make plain mittens or do them out of commercial yarn.

when morning came

I’ve had 5 hours of sleep and I really want the world to stay dark and rainy. I understand that I can’t control the weather but I would really love it if I could just for today. I do wonder at myself and the correlation between too little sleep and wanting dark and stormy weather.

The pictures I have were clearly not taken today as they are bright and shiny. Kinda makes me wish I wasn’t posting them, but it took me almost 3 years to create these stupidly simple things and I’m determined that it shouldn’t take more than week for me to actually post them.

These are the poster children following through on your promises no matter how long it takes you. When I started these leggings the little girls they were supposed to be for were ohhh 3 and 5. They are now 6 and 8. The younger of the two did try on the blue leggings at Christmas… 8 months ago. And they did fit her. Granted 8 months is forever for a 6 year old and she’s probably shot up like a tree that just hit an unlimited supply of water. The good thing is that I did plan this a little bit. The red leggings are bigger and there is a third sister that is now 3. Soooooo I actually made the leggings for a 3/4 year old and a 5/6 year old… just the oldest is now out in the cold. Since these are for ice skating, I mean that almost literally.

Lets give them names. I don’t think I’ve talked about these girls before on the blog. They don’t tend to feature so much. From eldest to youngest, Pippi, Lucy, and The General. You’ve never seen a sweeter bunch of sisters. They’ve got a new baby brother that’s got to be throwing their family into chaos. I don’t know him so well yet. I’m kind of sad about it, but that’s the price for the choices I’ve made. I’m good with it.

So, I think what I’m planning is to talk their parents into letting me know what Pippi’s new ice skating outfit looks like and making her legwarmers too. She shouldn’t be left out. I really shouldn’t have taken over 2.5 years to do this. Just sad.

Oh, weird thing I found out? They pull the legwarmers up to their hips, like they are pants almost. I’ve always seen them worn from the knees or mid thighs down. I thought that was kinda interesting and funny.

(Linda, song title is from The Trapeze Swinger by Iron & Wine)

New loves


How did I not try this before?? I’m having so much fun! I can’t believe it. How is it I went to tackle cobweb lace knitting and thought this was too hard? I’ve been playing with using two hands and with dropping whichever yarn I’m not using at the moment. I love how smooth it goes when I use both hands but my tensioning sucks, so sometimes I drop the second yarn and knit with my right hand.

The floats aren’t perfect by any means, but there isn’t any puckering and it still stretches enough that I can pull them over my hands (which are fat in comparison to the recipient). I can’t wait to finish these and to figure out what colors I’m going to use for my pair.