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September 2022
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Yesterday sucked.

But today shall hopefully go much better.

I have not killed the spider plant! (Notice I haven’t shown you the fern in Bear’s office. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong there, but the thing looks like a Victorian maiden in a too-tight corset swooning.) There’s even new growth! See?


I’ve also been knitting. I knitted myself 4/5 of a hat, and ran out of yarn. I don’t have a picture. But really. It’s making me quite sad that I got so close to the end of this hat and I can’t finish it without buying a new ball, but then I won’t hardly use any of the new ball. So yes. It does not get any face time on the blog.

I’ve also started knitting the endpaper mitts from Eunny.

I have yarn.

I cast on with the Calypso and I’m thinking of doing the background in the navy. But I’m not sure. And let me just say, that “teal” really does look hunter freaking green in person. The only one with the color a little bit off is the Calypso. It’s a little greener (hmm, like TEAL) in person. I’m absolutely in love with it.

The thing is the Calypso and navy color combo is more Linda than me. But I altered the pattern to fit me. So now I’m wondering if I should rip out the five rows of ribbing I did last night and cast on so that it will fit Linda (she has more slender hands). Linda? Would you like to have the navy and Calypso mitts? And if so, would you like the navy as the background or the Calypso?

trying not to kill angry men, picky brothers, or plants

Sorry for the two week delay. I haven’t gotten back into my normal schedule and not much knitting has been happening. And almost no spinning. And almost no tv. And I’m really not sure what I’ve been doing with myself…. oh right. the flu. and homework. research. rearranging the house. house plants.

I’m so going to show you the house plants, but first, lemme tell you about the weird thing at the gas station this morning.

For some reason I tend to get a little too excited when the gas gauge stick on my car goes under that last quarter mark. And this morning it dropped. I’m behind this big green van that decides to pull into the station. Only since it’s kinda full and a tiny little space, he can’t pull all the way in and I’m stuck hanging half in the lane. The station has two rows and you can fill up on either side of each row. I need the sides on the right because my gas cap is on the left of my car. I’m trying to nudge around him when he pulls towards the left of a row. I cheer and pull up behind the car on the right side. I’m sitting there for a few minutes when I realize a guy is standing next to my window trying to talk to me. So I roll down my window.

“You scoop me! I pull foward because I can’t make turn and you scoop me! I can’t fill up over there!” This rather short black man is gesturing wildly and shouting loudly enough that the guys (mostly taxi drivers) filling up their cars turn to stare at us.

“Excuse me, but you pulled up. How was I supposed to know…” My voice dies because he’s shouting over me.

“You can’t scoop by me! I pull forward to back up and make turn where you are! You must move!” He finally stops and stares at me.

“You pulled forward!” I’m not about to back down, the guy I was in line behind is almost done. “I thought you were in line over there. I wasn’t trying to scoop you, but you pulled up over there!” As I gesture to the left of the row, I notice the guy in front of me motioning at me. He’s done and is telling me to nudge forward (I had left a good 10 to 15 feet between our cars). I turn back and the angry van driver is gone. I sit bewildered for a moment until I realize the van is pulling into the other row where a car had left while he was shouting at me. What the hell? Neither of us had gotten an open station while we were waiting, but he was mad enough at me to get out of his car (it was around 25 degrees outside) and try to make me move so he could have “his” station, but he wasn’t mad enough to not notice the other station opening up and to move and grab it before someone else did? Good lord. I was just glad that my tank was smaller than his and I filled up and left before he did. Freaking bizarre.

So I finished my brother’s hat last week.

This is a remake of the one I made for him when he came to visit me… in August? I don’t remember when. I’ll mail this one off to him and hope it’s not too short, too long, too big, too tight, too whatever for his very delicate sensibilities *rolls eyes*.

We also have house plants! I’m so excited. I have killed house plants in the past, but I always want to keep trying. In the past Bear was very neutral, and I felt guilty, so I stopped the slaughter by not buying anymore. But now Bear wants some house plants! I have flowers and shrubbery in January!


And shrubbery:

If anyone has tips on keeping houseplants alive, I’d love them. I really don’t want to kill the plants. I love my plants.

Stranded colors

So the last week kinda sucked. I was celebrating a little too soon. But now that things are more settled, I’m fully into plan making mode. The spinning I’ve been working on for the last two? months is almost finished and I’ll have full bobbin and plying pictures soon. I still haven’t woven ends on the strawberry mitts yet, but I shall have them soon. The camo sweater is definitely going to get ripped due to fit and design issues. I figure it’s a learning process.

But this means I get to decide what I’m going to knit next. I’ll have the celebration laceweight ready to go by the time I leave for Christmas. I’m planning a very simple scarf with it. I’ll pawn it off on someone when I’m home. I’m knitting another hat from my brother. (he kept telling me to not make it too long. Now it’s too short.) And I decided that I’m going to make endpaper mitts. This works out perfectly since I’ve been wanting to buy some more needles from knitpicks. I can just add some palette to the order.

I’m thinking of pairing one of these:

(from left to right: iris, clematis, merlot, rainforest, and verdant colors)

With one of these (or black or white?):

(left to right: cream, mist, tan, twig)

I think I really needed to do this just to see how the colors matched up. (Example, I couldn’t tell before, but I’m pretty sure that verdant and twig would work better than verdant and tan. And merlot with either the cream or black. And iris with mist and not cream.) Any suggestions or favorites? I’m also not stuck on these colors. Follow the link above and suggest another pairing.

Snowy Strawberries

So last night I was good. We shopped, put away the groceries. Then I baked cookies (same as the ones here). I burned them just the tiniest bit. I also worked on the strawberry mittens and this morning I took pictures.

Here’s the first mitten (again). Please direct your attention to the color of the thumb. Notice how the top of the mitten and the thumb are the same color? (Strangely my spellcheck is not American. It wants to change color to colour. Which would be fine, but I know I don’t say colour. *sighs*)

Notice something else?? It’s snow!!! It’s the first snow of the season!

But yes, so, the reason I wasn’t wearing this mittens to keep my hands warm from the cold?

Yes. The thumb on the second mitten isn’t done. It’s very sad.

This is why. See the color of the yarn?

It doesn’t match the end of the yarn from the top of the mitten.

Not only does it not match the working end of the yarn, that color doesn’t occur again in the ball of yarn. Not only that, but it hardly appeared in the yarn at all. There’s only a very thin strip on the mitten where the yarn is 2 plies of very very pale pink and 1 ply of very very pale green. It’s very pretty, but it’s screwing up my mitten.

So I stopped knitting. Because I am stumped. I think though, in the interest of having warm mittens, and since I’ll be the one wearing them, that I’ll just knit the thumb and it just won’t match. I welcome any better ideas though.

The conversation when I went back into the house this morning, to drop the camera after taking the pictures:

ME: Holy crap, it’s snowing!

BEAR: It isn’t snowing?

ME: It is snowing.

BEAR: Holy crap it’s snowing?

ME: Yes!

BEAR: It’s snowing! Holy crap!

ME: Yes…

BEAR: It’s snowing holy crap?

ME: …yes. yes, it is.

*ME tackles BEAR*

He got plenty sleep last night…