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January 2023
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In honor of Valentine’s Day

I have some songs for you. They defined my idea of romantic love when I was a little girl. I was sharing songs with Linda and forcing her to listen to the lyrics the other day and she requested that I post them for Valentine’s Day. Because she’s my girl, here we go.

The intro to that song makes me happy EVERY TIME I HEAR IT. I’m sad I couldn’t find a live version I liked, but I’m very partial to the album version apparently.

This is my second favorite “love song”. Where Linda and I grew up, there was (is?) a radio station called Sunny 99.1. They played “love songs”. Both of our mothers listened to that station. “My heart cried out for you.” The lyrics in this song slay me every time. “You are my lover, you’re my best friend. You’re in my soul.”

Then we kinda have to jump down to one of my lesser favorite songs because songs like “Always a Woman” or “Reason to Believe” are kinda about the harder sides of love. Where you keep loving while someone hurts you.

I always think of this song as the crystal staircase song for some reason and then have a bitch of a time trying to find it again. So I’m actually kind of happy that I’m posting it. The next time I have a craving to hear this song, it’ll be here.

“And no matter how old we get, It’s okay as long as I got you baby” This song I don’t remember ever playing on Sunny, but it’s still a beautiful song about how sometimes love makes it all bearable.

Life in Numbers

Semi-co-blogged with Linda.

years alive: 28
years in school: 22+
blog subscriptions: 180
boyfriends: 1
husbands: 1
countries visited: 5
blogs: 3
active blogs: 1
years knitting: 6
years spinning: 5?
years reading: 25?
jobs held: 4
living grandparents: 2
homes: 5
states lived in: 2
houseplants killed: too many
life-path number: 4*
states visited: ~30
shoes: 14
books read: at least one a week
email accounts: 3
cars owned: 3
cellphones bought: 2
cellphones used: 6
laptops: 6
weddings attended: 7
births attended: 3
funerals attended: 3
aunts and uncles: 18
cousins: 18
siblings: 2

*I was trying to find more statistics to list and found that life path link. I thought it was pretty funny.
ETA: I forgot Dubai!



Can’t go it alone

I spend a lot of time on this blog talking about random theories that pass through my head, about how much I love Bear or my family. I spend time praising Bear or sharing strange things that Bear says. I spend time talking about what I bake. Everything I say on here is for Linda’s consumption, but I don’t spend much time praising or sharing the things Linda does or says. I don’t unpack our relationship much. Mostly I don’t do this because this blog is FOR Linda. She’s the audience in my head for ever post I write and she’s the main actual audience.

Considering the thankful post from last Thursday and the post from Friday, I wanted to share a little story of Linda and I. She already knows it. She even already knows it from my perspective. It makes this post hard to write, because I feel like I’m forcing her to listen to me repeat myself. I think though that writing this story down in keeping with the blog matters somehow.

So over a week ago, Linda emailed me this blog post. The quote in it completely struck me. Like lightening to the chest, I was electrified. Linda, as is typical for Linda, probably saw the quote, thought, “Huh. Cool. I’ll send it to mef.” and then she went off to find something else new. I don’t think I moved on though. I kept rereading the quote over and over. Finally I noticed that the quote seemed very conversational, it wasn’t clean like a speech would be. So I thought, lemme see if this came from an interview. Maybe Mr Glass has more bits of lightening. So I searched and I found all kinds of awesome on youtube (which spawned my last Friday post). I found out that Mr Glass makes his living in public radio as a journalist. I kept digging. Turns out his show is available on the internet! Linda and I don’t listen to NPR and having experimented with NPR in the past, I knew I wasn’t going to just start listening wholesale. Linda had mentioned loving Ira Glass’ voice (I totally agree!).

I then found the mp3 for the lastest episode of This American Life and I listen. I not only download and listen all the way through over several days, but I download the rest of the episodes that are available and start the next episode. I kept gushing to Linda over the whole of my exploration. She is always supportive and went to find her own episode to listen to of This American Life and was blown away as well.

Now my exploration of Ira Glass is finished. Linda and I have a new thing to share (episodes of This American Life) and a new awareness. I picked this story to share though because it’s Linda and I in a nutshell. Linda will notice things, lots of things, and share them with me. Usually (because it’s Linda) something she gives me strikes me and I’ll start an exploration. I’m not sure she even calls me on the fact that she’ll mention something to me and it takes me a month or a year or a week to have finished my digging and thinking and poking and prodding.

My favorite analogy is that Linda is like a … gem finder or a gold sifter. She finds tons of rough gems and gold flakes that are just scattered. I’m one of her cutters and polishers. She brings me stuff and just hands them over like they are so much junk. (She’s generous that way.) Sometimes I even ruin her pretties and she’s never stopped handing me stuff. (Oh gosh, I’ve ruined stuff for her before. I feel terrible sometimes.) She’s just always delighted and amazed when I had her back an emerald or a diamond or even a bit of polished quartz. It isn’t even that she couldn’t polish her own gems. She does sometimes too! That’s Linda for you though. She is both skilled and adventurous. She is always generous.

There’s a reason that I’m Pinky and she’s Brain.

if you ask me to

So I just realized that I’ve themed this entire month by the day of the week. I’ve got Music Monday, Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday. All of those I started out with.

However, I quickly realized that heavier posts just didn’t work on Friday or Saturday. I didn’t want to reread them and Linda wouldn’t want to have to settle and make time for them then. Tuesday worked great though. So Tuesdays became the days to have the thoughtful longer posts. Thoughtful Tuesday. Then Saturday, which is like death for blog reading, became the day for silly light posts. Silly Saturday.

I was cool with Friday staying a loner until I was complaining about all of this to Linda and I realized. Freebie Friday. Linda loves it. That’s all that matters.

So anyways, I was having trouble figuring out what to blog today. It’s Silly Saturday. And while I don’t tie myself up into knots the way Linda does about certain things (sketchbook) I did want to try. Then Linda gave me the perfect conversation to share ever in the history of ever. Following is an almost completely unedited bit of chat between us.

Linda: im just saying
i love
the greasy brain of urs?
that sounds gross
Emmy: greasy brain?
Linda: greasy brain!
it moves
Emmy: my brain is NOT Greasy
Linda: lol
Emmy: i wash it
Linda: lmao
no u dont
u dont wash your brain
i know for a fact
Emmy: ……….
i read good stuff
Linda: lol
Emmy: i read stuff that is the equivalent
hydrogen peroxide
Linda: cnn?
Emmy: no
Linda: lol
Emmy: cnn
is like
Linda: i kid
Emmy: a dirty scrubbing brush
Linda: lol

Also in very cool news, netflix streams the 2 seasons of This American Life that aired on Showtime.

Anyone wanna help me figure out what IS the reading equivalent of hydrogen peroxide before Linda realizes I avoided that part of the conversation?