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December 2022
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Pink and black and blue for you

For a while now Bear and I have talked about moving. We’ve talked about moving to Virginia. We’ve talked about moving to Florida. We’ve talked about just moving a town or two over from where we are now. In all of this, we’ve never talked about moving to Texas. It’s too conservative. It’s too hot. It’s got lots of crazy people.

Then about 7? months ago or so, there were rumors that Google Fiber would be moving to Austin, TX. Bear turned to me and said “How would you feel about moving to Austin?” I long ago had thought that if Bear and I ever moved to Texas, the only place that we’d really want to be was Austin. I thought I had given up the idea though until Bear said that. I flipped and after talking about it for a bit and Bear talking to some of my family about it, Bear and I started looking for work. There seemed to be plenty, but we weren’t having much luck until my bff sent my resume to her HR department.

I’m skipping over a lot of frantic planning and scrambling, but now Bear and I are frantically packing up our house and asking ourselves if we are insane on a near daily basis. As crazy as this news is: Bear and I are moving to Austin.


echoes through me

This was supposed to be a wordless wednesday post, but whatever. This week has been so work-related busy. It’s also been awesome because Bear has been driving himself to work all week. I’m very thankful today that my husband can drive. That we can afford a second car and the spike in insurance for a new driver. I’m very thankful that my new looser schedule has meant more time to talk to Rainbow Oreo and my brother and my mom. I’m thankful for my very inquisitive mind preventing me from buying something I didn’t need that I wouldn’t have liked once it got delivered.

So here’s my picture of my poor car tire. I’m very thankful this saga is over as well.

(Rainbow Oreo, the title is from a Death Cab for Cutie song that is stuck in my head. “I’m swallowed in sound as it echoes through me” I really really love that lyric which is why it is often going round in my head.)


It turned out that poor Bear couldn’t pick his car up until today. He worked from home so that he would be ready when the car was ready and our dearest lovely neighbors took him to the dealership and Mr Right rode home with him.

When I got home he drove us to dinner in celebration.

It’s really amazing to think we are a two car family now. To think that Bear will drive himself to work instead of riding with me. To think that on days where I’m working from home, I won’t have to take him to work.

Today is a really happy day, but also the tiniest bit of a sad one.

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