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February 2023
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You know that’s gonna leave a scar

I woke up early to help Mom with her exam and her paper. It was part of her birthday gift. Except where I woke up an hour late and we were gonna be late meeting Bear’s friend. Spent the next three hours helping her. Annnnd it turned out we weren’t late and actually we waited for two hours at the house. At which time Bear decides to freak on me and become an asshole. I ended up not meeting his friend. He apologized as soon as he saw me again but I had already cried and felt kinda crappy. Which is when Mom thought it’d be a good idea to send me some stuff that has completed the day of crappiness and pushed it over into actually fucked and unshakable. Now my head hurts and my eyes hurt from the crying and not crying. I want Bear and sleep. Ever since I got the email from Mom I’ve been practically surgically attached to Bear. I don’t care that he was an ass earlier. He’s my husband and a good man and my comfort and he apologized really sincerely and profusely and holy SHIT do I feel in need of comfort. I hope everyone else had a better Saturday. Here’s to Sunday.

ETA: Mom didn’t do anything bad or wrong. She just sent me information that was upsetting.


American Boy

My bff made a comment today about believing that European boys are fundamentally diff from American boys. Made me think of a song that Bear and I have been enjoying lately.

BTW: I don’t buy that European boys are fundamentally different, but I like the song and the video.

Bright Eyes – Arienette

Wow. I don’t even know. I heard this song because I was reading a blog and they were talking about Conor Oberst. I thought, huh, why does Bright Eyes sound familiar? I went to youtube and this is like the first thing I saw and I feel like my heart stuttered. I haven’t even given it a second listen yet.