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March 2007
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So there are no pictures for the second post this week. Between grad school, research work, learning for research work, and the major wedding plan changes (it’s now in a different location and a different day and all I can say is thank God everyone is finally on board with this and that I hadn’t made any hard and fast plans. But hey, now it’s cheaper and more personal and the moms and grandmoms are happier) I have been a might tight on time. I’ve barely gotten to knit or spin. Actually, there was no spinning. There was knitting while on the phone (I’m boycotting the phone until the clenching in my stomach at the sound of the phone ringing stops). I worked on Bear’s computer gloves (fingerless mittens, but apparently fingerless mittens invokes a reaction of “eh, what? I don’t want those”, nevermind that the description of them causes a reaction of “oh, those would be great when it’s freezing in the house and I’m trying to play World of Warcraft…”), but I have no picture because I have had no daylight hours to take a photo and the black refuses to photograph well with the flash. I’m blaming it on the 30% silk content.

I’ve also made progress on the Branching Out doll-scarf. Interestingly, because I have been consumed with this whole wpi thing, I took the 2 ply handspun laceweight that I’m using to knit the doll-scarf and wrapped it around the ruler and got 20 wraps per inch. How on earth can I get 20 wraps per inch on yarn that is much much thinner than yarn that I got 19 wpi on? I know, I know. I got the 19 wpi before I washed it, but even before I washed the regular 3 ply yarn, it felt much thicker. I am consumed with this wpi business now. I’m so close to rounding up all the yarns in the house and writing down the wpi for each and the ball band designation.

And since I made the admission on the blog about trying to spin gossamer weight yarn for the Wedding Ring Shawl (what I didn’t admit is that I now know how absolutely foolish that ambition was), I’ve been pulling out the pattern again and again and stroking the little yarn samples while thumbing through the pattern. I’m rather obsessive over how I do this since I still don’t have the pattern copied yet and I have a huge fear that I’ll ruin the $50 pattern by touching it with grimy hands or tables or by other unappreciative people who do not realize that this pattern is now unavailable for ten years and I have a burning need to knit it. Soon. Ish. But I was juggling in my head my finances and trying to see how I was now going to afford the yarn for this pattern (I didn’t say I didn’t have the yarn yet hm?), and while doing this I started browsing the web for US companies or branches of companies or distributors who had comparable gossamer weight yarn to what is offered on the Heirloom Knitting site. I found out that Habu Textiles has a merino yarn that is 747 yards per ounce and the Gossamer Merino is 744 yards per ounce (750 meters per 25 grams). This should be very comparable right? Right? They also have silk yarn that is 1058 yards per ounce compared to the Gossamer Silk that is 1085 yards per ounce (700 meters per 20 grams). The cost of enough Habu merino yarn to make the Wedding Ring Shawl and have extra? $20 (actually $20 is 8 ounces worth, which is way over the yardage you need, but that’s how Habu is selling the white merino). I’m thinking I’m going to call them up and see if they can’t tell me whether the yarn is plied or singles. The silk pretty positively looks like singles on the website, with the merino I have not even a hint from looking at the picture.

And that’s all I’ve got for this week. Just musings and thoughts. This weekend is looking to be snowed in, so I should have plenty of time to play.