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March 2007
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I think seeing lace projects such as the Harlot’s snowdrop shawl are what really grabbed me when I first started knitting. I fully plan to knit that shawl one day. But not today, because today, I already have two lace projects on the needles and one carcass that was sacrificed to get me to this point. (I still have the dead shawl and leftover yarn. I plan on going back to it at some point. Probably with the Shoalwater pattern. Maybe if I have no content for a post on Friday I’ll dig it out to show.)

First we have the pink diamonds.

Pink Diamonds

I started knitting this… last summer? Yeah, it would have had to be ’06. It’s intended for a gift, but the little girl is 6 right now. I think I’ve got time. The yarn was bought from back when their website was that orange color and they had the non-merino laceweight wool. Although, I was just at their website and it looks like the lace isn’t merino anymore. I think I bought this in November of ’05. I don’t see the colorway up on their website anymore, but it’s called Little Lovely Fontonueva? I cannot tell you how enormous this thing is going to be when I use all 850 yards (maybe they were generous? Also, if you click for the bigger picture you’ll notice what’s blocked out there isn’t even all I have knitted. That’s just all that would fit on the little padding thing.). I also haven’t touched it in months. It might help me finish if I worked on it more often…

closeup of Pink Diamonds

And the other lace project, that was supposed to help me get over my problems (lack of willingness to even to touch it) with pink diamonds, is the branching out “scarf” that I’m knitting with my handspun. I have to admit, I have been working on it. And I do like touching it.

progress Branching Out

You can’t tell on the thumbnail, but if you click for the full version, you can see how it’s grown since I showed it pinned out. And honestly, it has been serving it’s purpose. I can look at the scarf and tell what row I need to knit next, so I never have to keep track on the notebook where I copied the chart. (That was an enormous part of my problem with pink diamonds. Sometimes I would forget to mark what row I was on and I’d put down the shawl and the next time I went to pick it up either I’d try to knit an old row again or I’d be totally lost as to what row to knit next.) And I’ve almost eliminated the need to look at the chart. I can tell when I need to start the decreases for the little diamond leaves and when I need to decrease to the left or right. I still screw up every once in a while and the row where you decrease the inside leaf has a yo, k, yo and I keep forgetting to knit that on stitch plain instead of increasing or decreasing it. But now I actually have some enthusiasm for the pink diamonds again.

And finally, just because this amuses me endlessly.

Yarn Donut

A YARN DONUT! *squoosh*


(I do this constantly. I do not know why it entertains me so.)