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March 2007
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back on track

So that last entry was slightly depressing. I have a short entry for today, but it has a much happier note.

I don’t have pictures because I’m working on the shawl that never ends (the song get stuck in my head every time I think about pink diamonds). I have a doll scarf that I’ve now abandoned. (I’ll get back to it. eventually.) I have spinning that looks exactly the same as it did before, but at least now I’m on a second bobbin. Once I get to the point of plying, I’ll take new pictures, but that’s still two (counting the current one) bobbins away. But. But! I have something coming in the mail. So the next entry shall hopefully have something fun in it.

Oh. I guess I could also do an entry about the abandoned sweaters. I have a dearth of readers, but if someone would like to see the abandoned sweaters, leave a comment and I’ll make sure to stick an entry in here about my sweater fears and pictures of the current unfinished ones.

And the one picture for today is a bad shot, but I love this yarn so much, I must share it.

window yarn

This yarn hangs in the window. It’s merino and silk with blue and pink streaks. When the sun is shining the light comes through the yarn and the fluffy bits glow and the silk reflects the light and the tighter spun areas are dark spirals that constrain the light, it is beautiful to me. I tried (I have about a million deleted pictures. Believe me. I tried.) to take a picture that shows the light shining through the yarn, but nothing worked. I would share it as my mind sees it if I could. I hope you enjoy this poor representation.

But the sun is shining today and the weekend is almost here.