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April 2007
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advice please

So lately in the car, I’ve been knitting on this. I don’t knit while I’m driving obviously, but while I’m waiting on Bear or just filling time. Recently, however, I’m started to think it looks rather frumpy. I’ve become very unhappy with the look of the car knitting. So now I’m asking for advice on what to do.

car knitting

I stretched it out so that I could get a better idea of what it’ll look like after it’s washed and blocked. It does look better, but how much better does it look? Worth continuing? Wanna see what I was thinking about doing instead? I have to warn you, it’s very tempting. It makes me want to rip this out faster than a puppy left alone in a house rips up a couch.

Stretched out

This is what I was considering knitting next. Obviously I would put the boarder on both sides. I think it’s pretty. preeetttyy. Can you hear it calling? I’ve been hearing it calling since I bought the book it comes in. Second Book of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kurzel. I bought the First Book too. I love them both, but the Second Book is even more exciting to me.

Possible project

Here’s a really bad edit of what it’ll look like. I’m not terribly good with the image editing software. But can you imagine it? Can you hear it too now? *sighs* It only sounds louder to me now. So really, I’d love love love some advice. I can always knit this when the orenburg style scarf is done, but is that scarf worth finishing? I don’t want to finish it if I’m going to feel like it’s so unattractive I can’t even send it off to the little nieces afterwards. For some reason I seem to have no perspective on it though. It was gorgeous before and now I think it looks terrible.

Bad edit

And to tempt me even further, the mailman dropped off the April fiber from the Spunky Eclectic Club. preeetttyy.

oooh. Pretty


“Perhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry, and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.”
Maya Angelou

My brother gave me that quotation. I need some advice on some knitting. It’s sunny and gorgeous outside. God willing and the creek don’t rise, there will be pictures, car knitting, lace, and a choice in a post later tonight. I don’t like frumpy.

no change

Still no knitting. Part of the problem is that I’m still spinning the red superwash. I’m thinking that maybe it’s not merino and that’s why it feels so very different from any other merino (superwash, mixed with silk, mixed with tencel, 100% merino) that I’ve spun. For anyone who drops by but has no clue what I’m talking about, different sheep’s wool feels different and different again when treated to make it into superwash (you can machine wash it, gently). Merino sheep produce some of the softest wool. Shetland, Corriedale, Blue Faced Leicester, Coopworth are just a few of the different varieties and each produces wool with certain characteristics that make it desirable for different uses. The red wool I bought on ebay and it’s marked as 100% merino superwash. And while I believe the wool is superwash (the fibers have no crimp in them), I’m not sure I believe it’s merino. It’s a bit stiffer and crunchier than I’ve ever seen merino. Granted, I don’t have a ton of experience, so I could be completely off.

The other part of the reason is that I haven’t really been knitting. Work and family are taking up a lot of time and I’ve been playing a video game, Kingdom Hearts II and spinning in my free time.

But I do have a really interesting article to share. It’s a NYTimes article, so it might require a login, but registering is free. The information is not new. Actually, most of it’s old. But what is interesting is seeing everything tied together and the connections made so clearly. Worth a skim at least.

dying bees

Read about the bees here and here and here.

You’ll notice that none of these are major news carriers (except maybe the Toronto Star, but I’m not familiar with the Toronto news carriers), but this is a very big deal. No bees, no food. Read the articles. It’s pretty damn scary. And weird that more people don’t know about this.