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April 2007
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Weight of things

So I ordered this little guy back when I ordered the stuff from Heirloom Knitting, but it took forever to get here.


I was really surprised when I opened it up and saw the size. It’s TINY. I opened it up and went, “Damn, it really is pocket-size.” So Bear truly thinks I’m a druggie now. With my little tins of loose-leaf tea and my 1/10 of a gram scale that truly can go into my pocket.

So obviously, the first thing I did was pop some wool on there to see how much it weighed!

The pretty soft superwash from Spunky Eclectic was first.

Dandy Lion weight

Strangely, I couldn’t get a consistent measurement. I put it on there and it weighed 112.8 grams. It’s very sensitive though, because I took it off and put it back on a couple of times and I got 110.8 and 113.1 grams (and I probably could have gotten more weights in the 110-113 gram range). 113 grams is very close to 4 ounces and 110.8 is 3.9 oz, so I’m not concerned, but I was still completely enchanted with this little thing.

Next up was the red superwash.

Red Superwash weight

Which weighs 131.9 grams! I could have sworn I only had 8 ounces of this stuff, but seeing as I have another ball upstairs that I haven’t touched yet, I’m thinking either the ebay seller was generous, or I’ve forgotten how much I bought.

Then I weighed one of my bobbins.

Bobbin weight

(yes, yes, terribly exciting I know, but I wanted to weigh stuff!) So that I could weigh the bobbin that has the spun up red merino and know how much I’ve got.

Spun Red Merino weight

177.3 grams minus the 97.9 for the bobbin is 79.4 grams.

Now I know, none of this is going to be terribly exact. My spinning isn’t that great yet either, so even if I spun the exact same weight, the yardage won’t be perfect. I could probably eyeball it and get just as close, but I found a good deal on the scale (12 bucks). And I thought it would fun. Thought.

So by this point I’ve weighed everything I could without digging into the stash, but I saw pink diamonds on the couch from when I was knitting on it last night, so I grabbed that too.

Here’s the weight of pink diamonds

Pink Diamonds weight

And here’s the weight of the yarn I still have.

PD yarn weight

I’m only halfway!!! I’ve been knitting this thing for FOREVER. GAH. I think I’m cured of the desire to weigh stuff now.