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April 2007
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be in the moment

I’m a research grad student, so I have very flexible hours (except when I’m in class) and I’m rather poor considering what I could be making if I were working in the industry.

But there are benefits to being a grad student. I get to work on stuff that I take from an idea and turn into a thing that exists and works. Hopefully it works like the idea, sometimes there’s deviation, and sometimes it does something completely different from the idea. In the last case we hope it’s useful in other ways. But similarly to a job in the industry, I get paid to do my work and I have a work area and work computer. And similarly to a job in industry, sometimes while I’m sitting in my work area at my work computer, I …procastinate. I visit knitting blogs and other websites, or talk to other people around me, or just completely zone out.

But last night and again today, something interesting has been happening to me. Last night and again today I found myself completely and uttery content with what I was doing and my only desire was to be able to continue. Last night I pulled out another ball of the handspun that I used to make the branching out scarf. I’m going to make this Orenburg Scarf with it. (That link is to a pdf download. The scarf is the last pattern in the pdf.)  I was sitting on the bed next to Bear and he was reading and I was knitting and for some reason teh moment seemed perfect. It would have been perfect if it wasn’t already 1am or if it wasn’t a Thursday night. Then today, another perfect moment. The lab where I work is empty save for a few of the other students in my group and my little alcove that I usually share with 3-5 other students is completely empty. I have my tea and my email open and I’m working on my research. My only desire is for my phone not to ring and for no new emails to come in (except maybe Lin, but she’s always been special). I was enjoying my work and the sun and I just wanted to keep on enjoying it.

Sadly, in both cases, life moves on. Last night, 1:30 rolled around and I had to go take a shower and go to bed. Today, the phone rang twice, one with my dad and again with my brother and soon it will be time to pick up Bear and go home. And even if none of that happened, eventually my tea would get cold or I’d drink it all and the sun would eventually go down or the other students would come back. But still, those moments were perfect because while I was in them, I was content.