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April 2007
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So, I have no pictures. I have no little stories. I’ve been feeling the urge to nest and hide away, and so I have. Sometimes this just happens. It passes soon enough though. I’ve learned not to push it, otherwise I start to drive myself a little crazy.

I also haven’t really made any progress on anything worth showing. I’m still spinning the red superwash. I have about 106 grams (3.7 oz) on the one bobbin when I realized I really needed to stop, so I measured out to more balls of top that are both close to 106 grams (within a gram) and I’m now halfway through the second bobbin. I’m still managing to stay with a consistent thickness that I think will result in a sock weight 3-ply when I’m done. I’m also still working on the pink diamonds shawl. This too looks like nothing new. I’m a little worried about how enormous this is going to be though. I’m thinking I might need to do a sample pin out and measure of what exists right now. Oh. I completely forgot. I started that Orenburg-style scarf in my handspun. That does progress and I really should take pics of it. :-) Soon. Right now the idea of taking pictures of anything is giving me shivers.

But today I didn’t do much by way of fiber stuff. I baked. Banana Bread with walnuts and cornbread to go with the chicken Bear made. I didn’t like the sweetish cornbread with the spicy chicken, but Bear loved it, so I’m happy. I ended up making pasta with pesto and tomato sauce and a bunch of sliced black olives and some grated parmesan. Normally, I’m not a food person, but I’ve been having a hankering for Banana Bread and once I got started it just felt good.

Maybe it’s the weather. We had this nor’easter blow through and everyone seems to know that the Northeast has been having crappy April weather. I think I somehow slipped into some kind of hibernation with all this cold when I should be looking at spring flowers.