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April 2007
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a little trip?

I live not too far from here, and I was driving by (admittedly it was a random trip and I don’t head in this direction very often) and I saw a sign that said sheep shearing. I came home and found out about this. A sheep shearing festival in Waltham. I have no idea if it’ll be like any of the sheep and wool festivals in NH, MA, NY, MD, etc, but I’m thinking it’ll be worth at least a visit.

What’s the glue?

more non-fiber stuff. another question.

I realized that two of my most stable relationships in my life, that work and continue despite just about everything, are with people that are so very very different from me. In familial backgrounds, religious practices and background,  in looks, social interactions, careers, and hobbies and we even differ slightly in our moral beliefs/consciences. And I’ve had friends that were similar to me in many, many more of the categories above than the three closest relationships I maintain, and yet those friendships fall apart.

Is it something in me that looks for people that are very different from me? Is it something in everyone? Do other people crave familiar ground instead? How do we keep and maintain friendships when there isn’t some solid commonality? What makes a relationship stick and stick hard?