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May 2007
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i’m cranky

I’ve been cranky for the last two days now. I’m trying to move beyond it, but it’s been all I can do to hold my shit together. I have very few pictures from NHSW. Bear was teasing that next year I’ll need a camera man. I’d love one. But next year I think that he’s not going unless he really is going to be my camera man.

I don’t have good information to record about spinning or anything. The hour and half that I spent there was entirely too short and I was not focused at all. I’m still kicking myself that I bought the Sweater Workshop from Jacqueline Fee and DIDN’T take a picture. *sighs*

So basically until this unrelenting irritation with the world and all it’s inhabitants eases up on me, I’m holding back on posting (well, except for this post?). It doesn’t help that I realized I really need to finish the scarf I’m working on. The Branching Out scarf and the Orenburg style scarf are supposed to be my excuse to call someone who’s going to help me with the wedding. A family someone who has assured me they are happy to do this, but still. (Heh. My grandmother tells me every time I talk to her that while it seems far off now I really do need to keep working at it. I’m pretty sure she’s about to start making the calls for me. *sighs* Who had this stupid idea to get married anyway?!)

Proof of crankiness? Last night I was knitting on the scarf and reading on my laptop. Only, I kept screwing up. How you screw up on a mindless garter stitch scarf with a few YOs is beyond me. My fingers have the rhythm down to the point where, were I in a normal frame of mind, I only have to glance down every 8 rows or so. But last night, I kept missing YOs and K2tog on the edging. So I kept having to rip. And Bear was watching the game (stupid basketball playoffs) and it was distracting me and then suddenly I was growling at him that I wanted the TV off. off. OFF. He looks at me, “Do you have a headache?”

I wanted to hit him. I still want to beat something. But he’s bearing up as best as anyone could with the completely unpredictability of my moods, and it’s not like it’s his fault in the first place, so I’ll let him escape physically unscathed.

There have been other incidents, but I think that’s the extent of my craziness that I’m willing to share.

Basically, I’m cranky. Too cranky to be around people.  I really wish moodiness was an acceptable reason to stay home and hide in my bed. Now I just have to hope that no one in the lab talks to me. I really wish they had a name for this. PMS is supposed to be PRE. But I never have PMS. I just have MS. Stupid.