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May 2007
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finding a happy place

I am at home today, which is having an amazing effect on my ability to breathe easily. The house is silent, the windows are open and cool breezes are blowing through the house. We are supposed to get a storm later, but right now, everything is very peaceful. I have plans to read the research paper of the week, and write up some stuff that needs to get written up so I get paid next year. (I find it weird that we have to get funding approval now for next year, but it seems thats the way things work.) No worries about people. No worries about the fact that the jeans I’m wearing are a bit smelly (ho boy I really need to do laundry).

So while I’m in this very good place, I’m going to show you what I got on Saturday. I’m very very pleased with the things I bought. I don’t really wish I had bought anything else. I just wish I had gotten to spend more time there, or seen some people (I don’t know that I would have had the courage to say hi if I had seen them, but I didn’t, so I just get to pretend I would have), or looked at some wheels, or spindles, or seen the sheep shearing. But it’s over and done with, so lemme show you the stuff I’m excited about.


First up is the book. I’d heard about it and I’d thought about buying it for a while. But when I saw Jacqueline Fee (didn’t know who she was at first, but when I saw the book and the posters she had, I figured it out), I had to have the book then.


And then she signed it! (The name on my birth certificate is not Emmy, but Mary Ellen -> M. E. -> Emmy. I like Mary Ellen, but it’s too long.)

fiber in sun

The cream colored fiber is alpaca. I’d hoped to find a darker color like off this poor guy:


(He was very skittish of me and my camera. Yes the flash was off. I didn’t want to traumatize him more than he already seemed.) But I had no such luck when I went to buy. I do think this color is very pretty though. I’m thinking to spin maybe lace weight? Not that I don’t do enough of that, but I can just see it as a really gorgeous scarf/shawl.

chocolate merino

My favorite is the merino. It has “w/ silk” handwritten on there, but there isn’t any more information. It has yet to say anything to me except “I’m so very very pretty and you are so very very happy you bought me.” I do agree with it, but I wish I could get an idea of what to do with 9.9 oz of “chocolate” merino w/ silk. I didn’t call it chocolate. The lady at the Wool n Ewe booth did, so I will do so as well since I rather think it defies easy description.

And finally the treat. The Dragon. I walked back and forth and around the Grafton Fibers booth trying to decide whether to spend the money on a kit to make a needle felted dragon when I’ve never needle felted before in my life. What if I ended up with a stupid looking dragon? But this guy:

finished dragon

He kept tormenting me. Saying you want one just like me at home. Come spend the money. I’ll fit in with the other dragons. (I have a thing for dragons. We have many at the house mingled in the clutter so that they aren’t really noticeable to the casual guest.) So finally, after consulting Bear, who said another dragon would be most welcome, I bought it. But I’m seriously not going to be able to make it. As Bear so often says, I have no spatial awareness. I’ll end up with a deformed dragon! Maybe I’ll be able to convince him to do it…