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May 2007
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Haruha and Nightshade

I’m completely and utterly enamored of the Haruha scarf. I realized I neglected in the last post to say where I got the pattern from. Go clicky the link. I was vastly amused when I realize that part of what enchants me is also enchanting Anne with the bee shawl she’s designing. I can’t get a good picture of the wavy columns on my scarf. I think I’ll pin it out this weekend to show. Actually, on the scarf, because there are two sets of “grass” or “leaves” or whatever this looks like you to, I get this middle “leaf” instead of a wavy column around the bees like Anne does. If you want to see what I’m talking about her on her blog, scroll down until you see 5th picture. See the bees in the middle and the wavy grass on the sides? See the column of wavy stitches next to the bees?

Haruha (lightly stretched)

See in that picture (please ignore the jeans, I snapped that picture in a hurry so I could try to show this) in the middle how there’s the open stitches? And I know you can’t see the sides, but you do get wavy stitches at the sides. It keeps me entertained while I’m knitting the scarf. Sometimes I’m easily amused.

Haruha bumps Haruha dips

Other things that I love about this scarf? I love the texture while it’s unblocked from the back and the front. I’m pretty sure I’m actually going to miss this scarf when it’s gone. But I have plans. I’m not letting myself think about them too hard, because once I’m finally done with this I’m not sure what’s going to be calling my name the loudest, but I do have plans with this stitch pattern for myself.

I also got the May Fiber of the Month from Spunky Eclectic (aka Boogie Knits aka Amy).


The colors appeal to me immensely. But the fiber is Coopworth, which is a bit too rough for next to sensitive skin wear. Which probably means socks, but the idea of not being able to wear these colors so that I can see them is kinda making me want to cry.

Bunched Nightshade

I have a ton of stuff to spin though, so I have time to think about it. I might just say to hell with it and make sock yarn anyway. I don’t wear shoes in the lab, so I’ll be able to see my socks then.

Spread Nightshade

Can y’all see how gorgeous those colors are? Maybe not. I’ve also been thinking about photos. As this post clearly shows, I’ve been pretty lazy in taking the photos, which means the photo quality kinda sucks. To fix this I’m thinking about making a lightbox and buying a tiny cheap tripod. Hopefully soon the quality of the photos around here should improve.