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May 2007
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solo fun

I’ve been trying to write this post for a week now. On Saturday (yes, it’s taken me forever to write this) I went to the Sheep Shearing Festival in Waltham. I woke up late (noon, because I was up until 4am the night before spinning the red superwash) and didn’t realize was day it was until it was even later. So I ended up running off by myself and spending an hour wandering around having a good time. But I was completely solo, so it feels kinda weird to write about it.

These are alpacas.

alpaca babies

I’d never seen alpacas in person before. They are soooooooooooooooooo cute. It killed me.

These are goats.

awww baby goats

See the goat babies? I bought soap from the lady with the goats.

goat soap lady

She makes soap from the goat milk. I have to say, my skin loves that soap. Unfortunately I only bought a little bar and one full sized bar and I can’t find any labels or anything!
I also saw lambs, and cows and llamas and I bought honey from this guy.

bee guy

Let me tell you, if you buy honey from this guy, don’t let him tell you the bee joke of the month or the lady next to you might try to make him take it back.

Full story? The guy was “wrapping” my jar of honey in the very nice wrapping paper (brown paper bag) when he asked if I’d like the bee joke of the month with my honey.

“What kind of bee is only around for a month?”

“What kind?”

“The maybe.”

As the guy is handing my honey in it’s very nice wrapping paper to me the lady next to me (a customer, who, as far as I know, as no affiliation with the bee guy) turns to me and says, “Make him take it back.” I think I laughed about that for the rest of the day. They were both so dry that it was perfect.

I didn’t buy much. I mostly walked around, took pictures, and enjoyed watching the people and animals. I’m saving for NH S&W. Just a little more than a week away!