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June 2007
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I have very exciting news (to me at least). Bear works at a company that  has a sales force all over the country. It turns out that one of those sales reps has a ranch in California where she keeps alpaca and llama and has in her house, years of bags of 1st cuts from shearing from all her animals with no idea what to do with them. When I learned this I about swallowed my tongue. Alpaca and llama fleece sitting around doing nothing. When she learned that thought this was rather awful considering how expensive alpaca can be and how much I want to spin alpaca, she offered to give some to me. At least I think that’s what’s going on. But I shall be getting alpaca fleeces soon. That’s for sure. I’m not sure of the quality, quantity, color, care, amount of VM, etc. I do know the lady has very little knowledge of what constitutes a good or bad fleece and that the shearer just gave her the bags with the 1st cuts and she stuffed them in her house. And she lives across the country from me, so it’s not like I can go see the fleeces. And since my level of knowledge is purely from avidly reading other people’s blogs and articles, I’m not an expert on this by any means.

But I do know that now I want combs in the absolute worst way. I think I have a lot more reading to do…