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July 2007
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Creatively speaking

It always seems to me that in writing/knitting/spinning/probably-any-creative-effort, there are always many many ideas that occur to the creator. Stories and pictures and thoughts and dreams spark characters and plots and visions of lace and cascades of color and textures. But usually the ideas come when we are already busy trying to make some previous vision into a reality. So we try to capture the idea by writing something down or maybe creating something small and quick with the idea that later we’ll come back to the tangible thing we created and be able to recapture the nebulous spark. But I’ve found, despite years of writing down little bits of characters and plots and now taking pictures and writing little ideas of combinations of fiber and pattern that rarely does the spark get captured. Later more often that not turns into never and the best we can hope for is that those little notes and pictures and samples and bits will strike a new spark. Not that characteristic, turning point, color, fiber, fabric, or combination, but ah, this one will work.

I’m currently trying to breathe some spark into a few ideas. A story, some lace, some color, a bitty sweater. It makes it difficult to come by and write and document when things are so nebulous and I don’t share the writing or work efforts on this blog. But I’ll share some pictures and I’ll be by to share once I see some light.


I love this picture. The mornings were spent in my fiance’s mother’s living room, enjoying the roses, tea, quiet, and knitting (or spinning) . And this picture gives me a feeling of peace. Strange, because I’m not sure I was feeling peaceful at the time.

pink lily

One of my favorite lilies. We have a few of them outside the kitchen and on the other side of the house.

june fotm

June FOTM from Spunky. I probably won’t spin it for a while. The colors just aren’t talkin to me.


I’m back. Life has managed to resume a more normal pace with some changes. Most of them good changes.

I also got to see family and realized how very very important they are. When I left for school, I had wanted very badly to separate myself from them and so I did. But while I’ve been gone, I realized how precious and special the closeness that my family shares is. And so now I’ve been making an effort to plug myself back in. And, of course considering my family, they don’t even mention the absence. They have been amazed and curious and supportive about the new hobbies I’ve picked up while I’ve been gone.

But a lot happened fiber-wise while I was gone.

alpaca bags

I got bags of alpaca.


All of which are blanket area fleeces (I’m not sure why some shearers/owners use different terminology, but Grade 1 doesn’t mean the fiber is better than other fleeces. It means that this is the best fiber on that animal. I have another box with the Grade 2 cuts.)

washed and picked fleece

This is a washed and picked fleece. It won a ribbon somewhere at some point. It’s gorgeous. I cannot wait to tear into it. And if it weren’t for the upheaval that my life went through in the last week, I would have already. Unfortunately however, only two bags of the five are of this quality. There maybe be a third that’s as nice, but the other two might be trash, which is such a shame.

second yoda fleece

This is the second bag of nice fleece. Same animal, different year.

good fleece teddy

This is the third bag with a possibly great fleece in it. The dust was amazing (in a bad way, clouds bloomed whenever you touched the fleece), so I haven’t really explored it yet.

two bad bags

Sadly though, two bags looked like this. Can you see the problem?

short cut fleece

Short cuts. LOTS of locks that were 1-2″ in length. Now, honestly, maybe there are people out there for which this isn’t a problem. But for me? I don’t know how I’ll deal with it. I’d love it if someone wants it. I’ll give it away. I have no idea how much I have, but I’ll give away both bags if someone knows what to do with them. Or I’d gladly take advice if someone knows what to do with them but doesn’t want to do it themselves.

Most stuff has gone on, but I’m back and will continue to be back, so I’ll just spread the pictures and the content out a bit, k?

But I’ll leave y’all with another picture I took during the long walks that helped clear my head and my heart while one was crazed and the other heavy.


These oh so pretty babies sit right outside the kitchen window to make washing dishes less of a chore.