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August 2007
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carl’s trip part 2

Almost the whole time my brother was visiting, I worked on something for him.

carl's hat: halfway

Now, this may look like a simple hat to you, but it isn’t. It’s a hat almost 3 years in the making. My brother was the first person I promised a finished project to.  (Um, actually, I don’t think he was the first, first, but he was damn close if he wasn’t.) (Oh, And I’m trying to figure out what crap is in the background of the picture. I can’t. The house got messier while my brother was here, no surprise.) But during the trip I finally managed to make my brother a hat. And now I’m supposed to get working on two more. In black and blue please.

But we didn’t just play with string, oh no. We went to the Harvard Museum of Natural History. I’d never been before. It’s a cute little museum.

Not surprisingly, my brother took pictures. And I think we had the most fun in the rocks and minerals area. (We might have had more fun in the glass plants and flowers exhibit or the nests and eggs, but one had horrendous lighting and the other was kind light on anything to see. The ducks turned out to be damn amusing though.)

green finger

We were rather juvenile. We did take more pictures, some of very interesting minerals and rocks and animals and stuff, but these were the ones that amused us silly.

tan hand

They seem pretty plebian hmm? Some innocent little hands?


We almost had to leave the room at this point. Do you think the people at Harvard have a sense of humor?


As we were leaving I forced Carl to take this picture. He whined that it was just a big geode. I’d seen those a hundred times, right? I was determined, it was a damn big one and such a pretty purple. Immediately after he took the picture he came over to me giggling his fool head off because the glass was shiny and the light was strong enough that we got more of Carl and the room than the stones.

One last picture for tonight. I’d meant to get this finished before midnight.

carl and hat

Yay for finished hats. And for some reason, he liked it. (The face blacking is because I don’t know about how he feels having his picture on the blog. Besides, it amused me to no end to put a big black dot over him.)

first day

My brother came to visit. I love him. I’m terribly sorry he’s gone back home. And I was busy with him and trying to keep up with my work while he was here (hence the no posting, I am terribly sorry).

The first day he was here I grabbed some fiber and my camera and said “Help me take pictures.” I have over 300 pictures we took while he was here, so it set a tone for the trip I think.

This is my brother’s first pose:

fiber with lamp
There were several photos of this pose, but I picked one to share.


fiber glasses

Amazingly I don’t think the glasses were intentional.

duh glasses!

And finally his signature pose:



quick hit

On Tuesday, I had this:

handspun baby yarn

Then on Wednesday, I had this:

beginning pea pod hat

Then last night around 11pm:

finished pea pod hat

It was quick and satisfying. I screwed up centering the leaf panel between the decreases, but I adore the pink and blue strips the yarn makes. I’m not sure how well you can see them since on my monitor the pink looks… lost, but in person the hat has definite soft pink and blue stripes. Wednesday night was cool and the merino and silk was calling to me.  Then last night the weather stayed nice and I managed to finish the hat. The yarn was soft and sweet despite the sections where I over spun and over and under plied it. I’ve come a long way though.

Here’s hoping the weather continues.

Wanna see some more pretty stripes?

pretty stripes

And I am still working on the socks, but do you realize how hard it is to photograph detail on red, solid true red, socks? Apparently, it’s a bitch.

withdrawal dreams

I dreamt about fiber last night.

No, that’s a lie. I dreamt about talking about fiber last night. I think I’m having withdrawal. Normally I don’t dream about my spinning or knitting or fiber. But I didn’t even dream of the fiber or spinning or knitting or knitted items. I dreamt about talking about fleeces. And going to see the Yarn Harlot. She was here, in MA, in Burlington no less, and I didn’t go to see her. There. I admitted it. I wanted to so badly, but I just… couldn’t. *sighs* And now I’m dreaming about it. Damn it.

I want so badly to spin, so I’ll go pick up the baby spindle and then I have to put it back down. It’s just too sticky and I’m too finicky. *sighs* How much longer until it cools off again?