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August 2007
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I think it’s official

I am a seasonal knitter. I’ll knit socks and scarves and hats and mittens and attempt sweaters and learn fair isle (that’s coming very very soon) as long as the high temperature for the day is 75 degrees or lower. I’m a wimp. I can’t hack the heat and sweat. My skin practically crawls off my fingers when it’s so warm in our house.

I don’t know if I’m mentioned this before, but while the Yarn Harlot fights the fight every year to not turn on the heater as the months turn cooler, the opposite is true my little family of bears. We fight about the ACs. Every year I try to leave them in the closet as far into summer as I can and I try to keep them off for as many hours as I or Bear can stand it. But the cost (beyond the nasty electricity bills, and I think that’s a sign of growing up, when you know the cost of electricity and you notice when they raise the rates) is my lack of desire to knit. I cannot touch hot sticky wool. And sadly, it’s not the wool that’s really at fault. It’s my skin that gets hot and sweaty. But while someone else’s skin making yours hot and sweaty isn’t a problem, wool is. So I think I’m just going to officially declare that I don’t really knit in the summer and stop looking at the wool and worrying about whether I’ll ever pick up needles or a spindle again. (not that I’m really using spindles, but it sounds weird to say pick up the wheel. I don’t pick it up much.)

I do think I’ll start documenting my stash with the idea of having pictures when Ravelry comes around.

And I love this quote, so I thought I’d share it.

“Experience is a good school, but the fees are high.”
  —  Heinrich Heine