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September 2007
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huh, who’da guessed?

Apparently some rap is good programming music. Since I’m always on the lookout for good programming music, I’m quite happy to have discovered this. I just hadn’t considered it before.

That makes me want to explain what I mean by good programming music. This is also what I mean by good writing music. Studying requires there be no music, but also no forced silence the way there is the library.

But anyways, programming and writing can have music. And when it’s the right music, it’s great. And by right music I mean music that is there and keeps me company but doesn’t pull me out of wherever I go when I program or write. With writing it’s easier to describe. You are in the world you are writing about. With programming, I think it’s actually the same thing. You are in your imagined program. You are seeing the logic and how the variables fit and change. You are seeing the control flow into and out of the functions. So to be able to do this, you need to have no distractions. And sometimes music demands attention. It demands that you stop and listen to it the same way another person can. But sometimes music helps you stay in your imagination. Sometimes it keeps the mood steady and blocks out extraneous noises like the printer warming up and warming down or the car backfiring. And sometimes, some very precious times, it eases the way for your mind to slide back into the world you had previously created. Usually, I don’t have a problem with this. My imagination needs to urging to become active and to be consistent. But sometimes I’m cranky and upset or hungry or tired or too wired or angry and at those times, good programming music is worth it’s weight in gold. (Well, if it had a weight.)

So the song that’s going to spur hours of digging through Bear’s rap music collection? Spaceship by Kayne West. The beat is heavy, the words blur into one long continuous something. And since it’s a little angry it works really well for when my program has gone screwy and needs a hammer taken to it.