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September 2007
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office rabbit

Back when I first learned how to spin I was given this almost raw practice fiber (1 oz) along with my spindle and I bought a little ball of purple fiber (2 oz) because I wanted to keep learning without a big spending, and it was pretty and cheap. The rest of the wool I bought was bought on sale on ebay (8 oz of 80/20 merino/silk for a grand total of 9 bucks including shipping). But this is the story of the little 2 oz of purple wool.

I don’t have a picture of that little ball to show you. I don’t even have a picture of the rabbit as a skein, before I washed him and knitted him into a square. I don’t have a picture of the little rabbit before he was stuffed or before he left home to become an office rabbit. But thankfully, the kind Bear whose office he inhabits and guards took pictures of my little rabbit at work.

rabbit on computers

Here his is in his early days on the job. He still guards the computers sometimes from above. Better for sneak attacks ya know. He has taken many a blow protecting those computers from other office inhabitants. The worst was a pencil that went straight through his rump. Thankfully all vital areas were missed and with a little tugging he was good as new and back on the job.

rabbit guarding computers

Once he gained his reputation as a fierce guard rabbit he moved to sit on the desk most days. More comfortable (those computers are warm) and most days, just the sight of him is enough to warn off any bad intentions.

guarding Bear

This is where he sits when Bear is in the office. He can keep a better eye on the whole room and Bear this way. He prefers it when Bear’s out though. That monitor stand isn’t very cozy.


Then finally, end of day. The little office rabbit sleeps between two plants at night. Here he is glad to relax and have the day be over. I’m happy to see the little rabbit is well and happy.

finishing and photos

Another post about what my brother and I were up too. The whole time wasn’t spent fighting. (We fight like we’re 5. “You’re stupid.” “No you’re stupid.” Actually, probably like we’re 7. But still. We manage to always annoy our mother. Thankfully Bear has a sibling too, so he either laughs at us or leaves the room. Sometimes he takes a side, but thankfully it’s rare. Because it’s not always my side he takes.)

But while Carl was here, (Think I should have called him Bro. Bear? lol. If I weren’t so tired I’d be laughing. Why does school have to start this week?) we also spent some time getting out of each other’s hair. For me that meant finishing this:

I took the pics in afternoon light and then tried post processing to fix the colors. They are better (everything had a yellow tint to it before) but the colors are both too strong and too muted. In real life the Christmas-y sections don’t pop out and leave everything else so washed out. I, as usual, am in love with it. I’ll probably always be in love with everything I spin.

See the yellow? (yes it’s exactly the same as the pic above. I really want to know how it strikes you.)

Pretty yarn.

I have like 20 pictures of this yarn. I haven’t washed it and done all the little numbers thing, but I do know I have 220 yards. Not enough for my big ole feet if I do normal sized socks. So I’m thinking ankle socks maybe? I had a few bits left ovr at the end and tried Navajo plying again.

It didn’t work so well. I think either I just plain don’t like the idea or I’m doing something wrong. Honestly, the whole idea of having the singles going in two different directions kinda bothers me. Everyone else it seems worries about the knots that form, but I know that isn’t too big of an issue from the last time I navajo-plied yarn. The knots really do disappear. But the whole 3-ply that doesn’t wear very well idea? Kinda bugs me.

Well, so while I was working (I had to work a few days Carl was here) he amused himself by going around and taking pictures. So I’ll finish this up with my favorites of the ones he took (with almost no editing from me, except that I cropped two of them.)

The Christian Science church? They have like three buildings and the reflection pool. The other two are pretty normal boring buildings, but this one gets photographed a lot.

I should know (and probably do but I’m a bit tired at the moment) what all of those buildings are. One is another of the Christian Science buildings. And uhh. Yeah. Oh, well, you can see the Prudential! Gak.