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October 2007
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baking and sharing

I actually enjoyed taking pictures of the cupcakes and pumpkin cookies. Usually when I’m taking pictures it’s a hard hard thing. I don’t enjoy it, but I know I’ll want the pictures later, so I do it anyways. But the baking is somehow less stressful and more rewarding.

See? I took these pictures really quick because I was in a hurry, but I think the food looks as inviting here as it did when it was in front of me.

Wouldn’t those have tempted you past all bearing too? I’m so glad they are gone now. They were just killing me.

The pumpkin cookies really were like little pieces of pumpkin bread and not real cookies. Which means every time I try to call them cookies I can’t and I end up saying or typing pumpkin cookies and that just gets long and tiring and the cookies… I mean pumpkin cookies really were tasty. Even if these didn’t have chocolate chips because Bear thought they were terrible with chocolate in them.

So I took that box of cupcakes and cookies to the lab yesterday and set it out on the table for the group of grad students I work with to eat. Only three of the guys from my group weren’t in yesterday and it’s Ramadan so what I thought would be vanished in like an hour took most of the day to be consumed. But they did all disappear. I got many compliments. The girl who sits next to me even got compliments. I think next time I’ll bake and then immediately set aside for the lab, then maybe Bear and I won’t have such willpower issues. And I’m definitely halving recipes.