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October 2007
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i’m already tired

I have 2 paper reviews,

1 project proposal,

1 midterm (this week),

1 homework set,

1 presentation to prepare/create,

and an abstract for that presentation

all needing attention this week (some are due, some just honestly too big to do on a weekend or anything so continual progress must be made). And it’s a short week.

So a rather brisque update:

I finished the front:

Wound up the yarn for the back:

Then had fun playing with a tower:

And I don’t have a picture of it, but it looks remarkably similar to the front, but I’ve finished about half the back.

I just over-steeped (isn’t it oversteeped? Is my spell checker just freaking out for no reason?) my tea.

I’ll show justification later this week, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to rip out the front and reknit it. But I’ll start with the back since it’s on my needles and I won’t have to rip as far.

I need to find out information about the church in FL where Bear and I are getting married. And call them. And see if they’ll let us reserve a date over the phone or if we have to be there in person. And if we have to be there in person I have to figure out a way to get Bear and I there fast.

My eyes have been seriously strained the last week or so. I need to visit an eye doctor and see about new glasses. I don’t have eye insurance.