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October 2007
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comfort and luxury

I don’t often think of comfort going along with luxury. Probably because stuff that comforts me isn’t terribly luxurious by today’s standards. A book. A warm blanket. A hug. But I was flipping through my music on my computer not wanting to hear some of the songs that I would normally listen to, when I hit Billy Joel’s Just the Way You Are. And I sighed inside the way you would at the touch of silk or really fine chocolate. But I also felt something in me calm a bit the way a sweet book or warm blanket can calm me.

I do think it’s interesting that I find a song luxurious. I can replay it over and over and every day, so it’s not something rare. I think I just find this song particularly fine.

I had chicken noodle soup earlier and now I have a mug of tea with cream and sugar (not the way I have tea on a daily basis or even a weekly basis). I think I’m in need of comforting, but finding that touch of luxury to accompany the comfort was really nice. Also interesting to me is that it’s the second time in a few days that something has managed to seem both comforting and luxurious to me. I can’t really share the song, but I can share the other thing:

I love this photo.

And this one. Just gorgeous. Soft and gorgeous.