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October 2007
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Road to Hell

I had these really great intentions of posting about my adventures. I had those intentions last week, last weekend, and then today. But the little sleep and busy day have exhausted me and Bear is snoring like… a bear? which is making me even more tired. So instead:

I knit that fingerless mitten this weekend. My first fingerless mitten, hopefully to be soon one of a pair. It looks like ass in this picture, but it’s gorgeous. The change from almost pure pink at the bottom to almost pure green up top is so cute. And I didn’t even do it on purpose. The other mitten will not look nearly as cute now, but I don’t care.

They were knit completely without a pattern with US3 needles during the weekend when I really really really needed to stop working on my homework. All I know is I cast on 55 sts, knit a bit, decreased a bit, increased for thumb, put thumb stitches on waste yarn, knit ’round some more, bound off, put thumb stitches back on needles, picked up 4 sts between thumb and hand tube, knit ’round some more, bound off. And I had a pretty mitten. Cool huh?