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December 2007
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Stranded colors

So the last week kinda sucked. I was celebrating a little too soon. But now that things are more settled, I’m fully into plan making mode. The spinning I’ve been working on for the last two? months is almost finished and I’ll have full bobbin and plying pictures soon. I still haven’t woven ends on the strawberry mitts yet, but I shall have them soon. The camo sweater is definitely going to get ripped due to fit and design issues. I figure it’s a learning process.

But this means I get to decide what I’m going to knit next. I’ll have the celebration laceweight ready to go by the time I leave for Christmas. I’m planning a very simple scarf with it. I’ll pawn it off on someone when I’m home. I’m knitting another hat from my brother. (he kept telling me to not make it too long. Now it’s too short.) And I decided that I’m going to make endpaper mitts. This works out perfectly since I’ve been wanting to buy some more needles from knitpicks. I can just add some palette to the order.

I’m thinking of pairing one of these:

(from left to right: iris, clematis, merlot, rainforest, and verdant colors)

With one of these (or black or white?):

(left to right: cream, mist, tan, twig)

I think I really needed to do this just to see how the colors matched up. (Example, I couldn’t tell before, but I’m pretty sure that verdant and twig would work better than verdant and tan. And merlot with either the cream or black. And iris with mist and not cream.) Any suggestions or favorites? I’m also not stuck on these colors. Follow the link above and suggest another pairing.