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January 2008
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trying not to kill angry men, picky brothers, or plants

Sorry for the two week delay. I haven’t gotten back into my normal schedule and not much knitting has been happening. And almost no spinning. And almost no tv. And I’m really not sure what I’ve been doing with myself…. oh right. the flu. and homework. research. rearranging the house. house plants.

I’m so going to show you the house plants, but first, lemme tell you about the weird thing at the gas station this morning.

For some reason I tend to get a little too excited when the gas gauge stick on my car goes under that last quarter mark. And this morning it dropped. I’m behind this big green van that decides to pull into the station. Only since it’s kinda full and a tiny little space, he can’t pull all the way in and I’m stuck hanging half in the lane. The station has two rows and you can fill up on either side of each row. I need the sides on the right because my gas cap is on the left of my car. I’m trying to nudge around him when he pulls towards the left of a row. I cheer and pull up behind the car on the right side. I’m sitting there for a few minutes when I realize a guy is standing next to my window trying to talk to me. So I roll down my window.

“You scoop me! I pull foward because I can’t make turn and you scoop me! I can’t fill up over there!” This rather short black man is gesturing wildly and shouting loudly enough that the guys (mostly taxi drivers) filling up their cars turn to stare at us.

“Excuse me, but you pulled up. How was I supposed to know…” My voice dies because he’s shouting over me.

“You can’t scoop by me! I pull forward to back up and make turn where you are! You must move!” He finally stops and stares at me.

“You pulled forward!” I’m not about to back down, the guy I was in line behind is almost done. “I thought you were in line over there. I wasn’t trying to scoop you, but you pulled up over there!” As I gesture to the left of the row, I notice the guy in front of me motioning at me. He’s done and is telling me to nudge forward (I had left a good 10 to 15 feet between our cars). I turn back and the angry van driver is gone. I sit bewildered for a moment until I realize the van is pulling into the other row where a car had left while he was shouting at me. What the hell? Neither of us had gotten an open station while we were waiting, but he was mad enough at me to get out of his car (it was around 25 degrees outside) and try to make me move so he could have “his” station, but he wasn’t mad enough to not notice the other station opening up and to move and grab it before someone else did? Good lord. I was just glad that my tank was smaller than his and I filled up and left before he did. Freaking bizarre.

So I finished my brother’s hat last week.

This is a remake of the one I made for him when he came to visit me… in August? I don’t remember when. I’ll mail this one off to him and hope it’s not too short, too long, too big, too tight, too whatever for his very delicate sensibilities *rolls eyes*.

We also have house plants! I’m so excited. I have killed house plants in the past, but I always want to keep trying. In the past Bear was very neutral, and I felt guilty, so I stopped the slaughter by not buying anymore. But now Bear wants some house plants! I have flowers and shrubbery in January!


And shrubbery:

If anyone has tips on keeping houseplants alive, I’d love them. I really don’t want to kill the plants. I love my plants.