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February 2008
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cube in the desert

Ok, so my bestest friend cubed me, and afterwards I googled the whole concept and I find it rather superficial, but entertaining none the less. What is most interesting to me is the hilarious conversation it sparked with my friend. The conversation is below (edited for privacy and coherency). I debated about how much to edit it. My friend and I have known each other for… 10 years now? We speak in a bit of shorthand. But hopefully it’s still comprehensible.

(oh, I’m also borrowing the whole Partner-in-Crime thing from a blog I love, Blather Magather)

PIC: oh picture yourself in a desert
ME: a desert? ok
PIC: now picture a cube: how big is it?
ME: … what? am i in the cube?
PIC: no
ME: just. but. if you say picture a cube, i get like 20 cubes in my head
PIC: inital cube
ME: one that’s big enough that it swallows a sand dune or two, all the way to a small enough one that fits in the palm of my hand
ME: um… initial one. which one was initial?
PIC: yes
ME: um… probably when i thought i was in the cube, so 6 feet by 6 feet
PIC: k describe the cube; physical attributes
ME: clear
PIC: k
ME: like glass, but plastic and empty
PIC: now there’s a ladder, where’s the ladder in relationship to the cube
ME: leaning on the side so i can climb up it. Can i have two ladders so i can get into and out of the cube? what game are we playing here?
PIC: lol
PIC: sure. whats the angle of the ladder
ME: off the ground or off the cube? ladders aren’t their best at 45,90,45 so i need to know which angle you want
PIC: whatever angle u wanna use
PIC: lol
ME: um, lets go with the angle off the ground, since you didn’t know where i was putting the ladder
ME: 60 degrees
PIC: kay now there’s a horse. where is the horse in relationship to the cube
ME: oh, since i’m climbing into and out of the cube, lets have the horse be next to the ladder so i can climb on
ME: i’m not in as good a shape as i used to be
PIC: lol
ME: i don’t think i could get on anymore without the ladder
ME: dude, i have no idea what you are doing
PIC: kay
ME: so i’m just making a story
PIC: lastly
PIC: theres a strawberry patch describe it
ME: there aren’t strawberries in the desert it has to be cacti
PIC: there is in this one
ME: no
PIC: its strawberries
ME: laws
PIC: lol
PIC: lol
ME: of physics or something you can’t have one
ME: no
PIC: kay
ME: i’ll have a cacti patch
PIC: so its a barren strawberry match?
ME: …
PIC: look.
ME: it’s sand
PIC: its strawberries.
PIC: lol
ME: you can’t have a patch at all. you can have a group of cacti’s. so i can describe that to you
ME: besides strawberries grow in bushes not patches
ME: i think most berries do. i wonder if strawberries are different
ME: i mean i played along with the cube in the desert and the ladder and the horse but the strawberries just don’t go
PIC: miss fantasy here. allow a few supernatural whatevers
ME: ok, fine, then the strawberry patch is in the cube, and the cube is no longer completely transperant
PIC: describe the damn strawberry patch
PIC: lol
PIC: lol
ME: but it has water thingy
PIC: how many strawberries
ME: and that’s why i need the ladder to get into and out. irrigation. in the cube
PIC: u dont have to have a number number but
ME: the cube is a greenhouse
PIC: how bountiful?
ME: um… very
PIC: kay
ME: it’s feeding the tribe
PIC: u know the strawberries arent yours
ME: that’s why i have a horse
ME: yes
PIC: they’re somebody else’s
ME: they belong to the tribe
PIC: do u take them??
ME: i just told you no
PIC: no tribe
ME: i feed them
PIC: jsut you
ME: yes
PIC: lol
PIC: lol
ME: yes!
PIC: ……………………. so do u take the strawberries that aren’t yours?
ME: i have a horse, obviously i’m rich, i can go buy my own strawberries i’m not stealing the tribe’s strawberries
ME: maybe i put them in the cube with the ladder so they could feed the tribe
PIC: what color is the horse
ME: brown it’s a desert horse
PIC: u dont HAVE the horse. its just there
ME: … of course i have the horse, how else did i get to the cube in the middle of the desert
ME: hmmm, i wonder how we secure the lid of the cube without locking it so that it doesn’t come off in a sandstorm but the tribe can still get into it
ME: ok missy now can you tell me the game? or was this just storytime?
PIC: so i dont know what the strawberries mean
PIC: lol
PIC: my friend never explained that to me cuz his girlfriend walked in but the cube
PIC: is a representation of you
ME: and you don’t know what they mean???
PIC: and your ego so if its a big ratio between its size and ur land then
ME: dude, the desert is vast
PIC: u have a small ego/recogonize your place int hew orld is a small world
ME: my little box is only 6 x 6
PIC: (some people make the cube huge huge huge) mine was the size of a tv
PIC: lol
PIC: clear means you don’t hide you are forthcoming
ME: but it’s not completely clear anymore
PIC: oh then yer a little muddled haha
PIC: (jk)
ME: it’s translucent so that the strawberries the correct amount of light
PIC: means you’re a little complicated lol
PIC: omg
ME: i can handle being complicated
PIC: k
PIC: horse and how close it is to you and horse = liver
ME: it was right outside the ladder so probably only a few feet
ME: liver??? why is the horse my liver?
PIC: lover
ME: oh
PIC: lol
ME: well… you did say liver
PIC: if u see it with a saddle then u like to control
ME: i told you it’s a desert horse
ME: no saddle, just a blanket
PIC: you freak;)
ME: pad thing
PIC: lol
PIC: um ladder = friendship, how hard it is to be your friend and if its leaning on it they depend on you
ME: leaning on what?
PIC: i like how u had two
PIC: cube
PIC: so u both lean
ME: lol
PIC: and are leaned on
ME: aw
ME: dude, i wonder how much of this i ruined by making it into my little fantasy about the tribe

5 months

It’s the end of February. I have March, April, May, and June to get ready for this wedding.

Holy CRAP. Can I tell you how scary this is? I have no dress. Thankfully invitations are about done. God. Food? Favors? Save me?

(no. I have done no knitting. I have a project and homework and research and wedding crap and qualifying exam coming up. I have a knitting project that is also under a deadline coming up.  I have done no spinning in about a month. I miss my life.)

Why I love Bear, a series, part 2

I meant to post this last week. But last week got away from me. This part of the why I love Bear is a very small, very simple thing. Backstory: I often don’t make time for the girly things that most girls do. Fixing my hair, makeup, shaving my legs every couple of days, etc. I’m fanatical about being clean, but looking good isn’t usually high on my list of priorities and often I don’t even notice. Bear has never complained about any lack of attention to my looks and beyond that, always compliments me when I do take the time in such a way that I never feel like it’s a criticism. He just honestly notices when I put in the time and attention and makes the time to be appreciative.

I’m sure there are some women who would not be happy with that, but I grew up with men who thought women who wore makeup looked terrible and never noticed one way or the other if you took attention to look pretty. I grew up with women who couldn’t stand that I didn’t take at least a little attention to be pretty sometimes. This isn’t the first thing I noticed about Bear, nor will it be the last, but it’s wonderful to be with someone who loves you no matter what, but will take notice when you desire it.

New loves


How did I not try this before?? I’m having so much fun! I can’t believe it. How is it I went to tackle cobweb lace knitting and thought this was too hard? I’ve been playing with using two hands and with dropping whichever yarn I’m not using at the moment. I love how smooth it goes when I use both hands but my tensioning sucks, so sometimes I drop the second yarn and knit with my right hand.

The floats aren’t perfect by any means, but there isn’t any puckering and it still stretches enough that I can pull them over my hands (which are fat in comparison to the recipient). I can’t wait to finish these and to figure out what colors I’m going to use for my pair.