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February 2008
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I have knitted!

(A hat for me! Sorry the pictures suck, trying to find time when there’s daylight has been a challenge.)

And plied!

(Can you believe I hadn’t finished plying that before I left for Christmas? Now I need to wind it, wash it and figure out what i’m going to knit with it…)

And the plants are still alive! (…um, no photographic evidence of that.)

But the red flowers… wow. I have like 6 new little blooms. I’m worried the poor plant is too big for it’s pot. I know nothing about gardening. Gosh. I’ve gotten attached to the little buggers. The fern in Bear’s office is struggling too. Too much sunlight? Not enough water? I watered it the other day and wow. Wow was it dry. I moved it farther away from the radiator. (I think it was much too close.) I don’t know. I like the poor little fern. So delicate and foofy looking. The only plants that haven’t seemed to care about my attentions at all are those orange thingys with the big dark green leafs. They have the worst sunlight in the house. They are close to a radiator. But their soil never seems dry and their leaves haven’t drooped or anything. I think they scoff at me. All the other poor plants live in fear of my negligence or smothering. It’s feast or famine in my house for the poor plants. I’m think I’m getting better though.

I do wonder sometimes if Bear is training me…