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February 2008
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Why I love Bear, a series

I think, from now until the wedding, approximately every week, I’ll post a reason I love Bear. Why we work. Why we are getting married. Why I always tell him everything. Why I love talking to him, even when he wakes me up at 3am.

The first in the series:

Today I went out to lunch with a friend I met as an undergrad. He has an almost weekly lunch thing with his sister, his gf, and some of their group. I’ve never gone before, but he finally convinced me to go out with them.

On the way home, I called Bear and asked him if he wanted anything since I was on the way home. “No” he said, “I can’t think of anything.” I told him I was stopping at the bookstore and I’d try to find him a book or two. Twenty minutes later I get a phone call. “LEDs. Can you try to find some LED lightbulbs?” My mind raced. I knew I’d have trouble, but I’d try. “I’ll look.”

So I make another stop at the hardware store. No LED lightbulbs. Just some really crappy stick on lights that were pretty dim. So I called Bear back. “Why did you want the LED lightbulbs, because I’m not seeing any here.” I’m unhappy because it’s rare he’ll ask me for something and I really would love to give it to him. “It’s too dim for you downstairs. I wanted some really bright light bulbs and there are supposed to be some super bright LEDs that run on 9 watts.” My heart melted. I’d complained to him months ago that I thought part of the reason I sometimes got migraines was trying to knit or spin downstairs. We have no built-in lights in our house, all our light comes from lamps and downstairs the lamps just aren’t bright enough. Daylight would be fine, but winter in Boston means no daylight when we get home from work. So I got a 150 watt fluorescent and a few 100 watt bulbs in different shades of white. Bear sending me back for another 150 watt tomorrow for the other lamp.

So the first in the series of why I love Bear: He hears me when I say it’s too dim downstairs and he’ll make sure we get the brightest damn lightbulbs that run on the least amount of power so that I don’t get migraines and I don’t feel guilty about the power consumption either.