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February 2008
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Yesterday sucked.

But today shall hopefully go much better.

I have not killed the spider plant! (Notice I haven’t shown you the fern in Bear’s office. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong there, but the thing looks like a Victorian maiden in a too-tight corset swooning.) There’s even new growth! See?


I’ve also been knitting. I knitted myself 4/5 of a hat, and ran out of yarn. I don’t have a picture. But really. It’s making me quite sad that I got so close to the end of this hat and I can’t finish it without buying a new ball, but then I won’t hardly use any of the new ball. So yes. It does not get any face time on the blog.

I’ve also started knitting the endpaper mitts from Eunny.

I have yarn.

I cast on with the Calypso and I’m thinking of doing the background in the navy. But I’m not sure. And let me just say, that “teal” really does look hunter freaking green in person. The only one with the color a little bit off is the Calypso. It’s a little greener (hmm, like TEAL) in person. I’m absolutely in love with it.

The thing is the Calypso and navy color combo is more Linda than me. But I altered the pattern to fit me. So now I’m wondering if I should rip out the five rows of ribbing I did last night and cast on so that it will fit Linda (she has more slender hands). Linda? Would you like to have the navy and Calypso mitts? And if so, would you like the navy as the background or the Calypso?