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March 2008
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My weekend

So I’ve never had an office in our apartment. Bear has an office. We have a bedroom. A guestroom. A living room area with TV and couches. Then there’s a dining room that has exercise stuff and my desk. Which I never use. Because it’s all by itself next to the kitchen. It was a horrible idea. So this weekend?

New office!

We rearranged Bear’s office so that we could share! I have my own space! Now, neither of our desks are particularly clear. We were up until almost 4 turning this into an office for us to share.

Bear has his space.

And I have my space.

my space

I love how in the pictures, Bear’s window is mostly shuttered and mine is wide open. Because if Bear had his way we would keep the windows shut and if I had my way, they’d be open. And if I had my way, music would be played at a just audible level and if Bear had his way music is played just loud enough that it fills your head until you can’t think. We’ve also already fought about the mouse clicking sounds. And getting water for the other person if you go get water for yourself. And a million other things. I thought Bear and I lived in each other’s pocket, but I didn’t realize how much closer we could get… Give it a week and I might have pictures of my new office space back downstairs in the most empty dining room.

Not dead

The paper. It is finished.

The exam. It is not.

(I have the first part of the oral tomorrow from 3:00-4:30 pm.)

My head hurts.

Bear-y, Bear-y quite contrary

So I’m about 3/4ths of the way through this thing called a qualifying exam. It’s a 2 week long exam. Yeah. As in, you are working on this exam for 2 whole freaking weeks.

Last week was mostly ok. I had stamina. I had concentration. I had ambition.

This week is pure freaking pain. Drudgery. Struggle. Strife.

Because I no longer want to read anymore about these stupid topics, I no longer want to think about these stupid questions, I have not been sleeping so well. I go to bed at 4am. I get up at 9am. I can’t concentrate. It was freaking raining on me from the ceiling of the lab yesterday, and my headache kept me up even later. I wake up with backaches. I will be so happy on Monday at 4pm.

But this isn’t a complaint about the qualifying exam, as torturous as this is. This is about Bear. Bear who usually stays up until 5am, sleeps for 3 hrs, then comes home from work, naps for 4 hours, wakes up and stays up until 8am. Then the next day will stay up until 2am, and sleep through until morning. Then the next day will fall asleep right after dinner and sleep until right after I’ve gotten into bed. He drives me absolutely batty with his weird variable sleeping habits.

And you would think that while I’m doing this agonizing exam and my sleeping has gone to shit that we would now have some synchronicity. It would be beautiful. We’d be tired together. We’d be awake together. We’d sleep… well, sometimes together.

Guess what Bear has been doing the past few nights? Sleeping 8 straight hours from about midnight until it’s time to get up.

I think this should be a why I love Bear post. Because he freaking keeps me on my toes.


I love this song (saw Jason Castro play it last night on American Idol and then this morning I went to track down his performance to see if it was as good as I remembered). Is it weird that I don’t think it’s so sad?

“Love is not a victory march
It’s a cold and broken hallelujah”
- Leonard Cohen

Now getting this video was a bit of a pain. My (so far?) favorite version is Jeff Buckely’s, but I don’t like the two youtube live versions and the one I did like, I can’t embed. *sighs* Well, this will have to suffice. If you want my fav, then have at it.