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August 2008
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Beetle dream

So I was out at some fairgrounds at some sheep thing and Bear was at work and then these beetles came up out of the dust and they bit someone and it was like out of the Mummy movie where they go up under the skin and into the brain. So every starts panicking and running away from these beetles. I got bitten but I kill it before it gets into me and I run. I run and trip and stomp beetles and run. I finally get to my car and I’m feeling sick and I speed home and the beetles are following me. I’m sick and I’m pretty sure that truck that almost ran me off the road is because they know I’ve been bitten and I’ve got to get home and get Bear and go far far away. Home to Texas. Maybe that’s far enough.

I finally get home and I have a fever and the beetles are going to find me and Bear gets scared and calls and ambulence and they drag me to the hospital. I knew I shouldn’t go, but they weren’t believing me about the beetles and they couldn’t find the bite. While I’m in the hospital this lady researcher from a local university who works with the hospital says she knows what’s wrong with me and that she can help me if I go to her lab at the university. Bear takes me there even though I want to go far away. I know there’s something wrong with her and her lab. But they all think I’m, what’s the phrase, non compos menti.

So I get taken to the lab and I’m stuck in a white locked room with two beds and another woman. We are both pretty traumatized and we don’t talk much. At this point it’s the middle of the night, more than a day since I was bitten, and exhaustion pulls me into sleep. The next day the lady is back. I still haven’t caught her name. She says something, but I’m staring at her and I can’t make sense of the words. I watch her as she leaves. I’m terrified of her. I know she has something to do with the beetles and not in a good way. Again when the afternoon comes the beetles come. This time they come through the window. There are bars to keep us inside and the glass panes are opened to let the summer air in. We heard them erupt out of the earth outside. I looked at this other woman and something in me snapped. I slammed her head against the wall and shoved her under the window when I see the beetles coming through. They eat her whole and after she’s gone the beetles are easy for me to kill. My whole body shudders and shakes and heaves and I lay on the bed.

The lady comes back. This time I can make her out. She’s wondering how it happened that the beetles went after the woman instead of both of us. She looks at me strangely, but obviously she thinks I’m still not understanding her.

When I woke up I was so freaking happy. I laid in bed for a while kida shivering and glad that I was at home, warm and snug with Bear. I love having vivid dreams, but sometimes it’s a little rough.