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November 2008
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Life got awful crazy there for a little while. Before the holidays I had a big meeting and a draft of my class project due. This meant I needed timing numbers for the lastest checkpoint in my research, I need status for the rest of the research, I needed the project to be at a certain point and I needed a paper explaining the project. At the same time Bear was having crazy things happen at work. Power outages because of sewer explosions, servers going down. It meant I was sleeping about 5 hrs a night and running full steam when I wasn’t sleeping.

Everything was supposed to calm down on the Wed before Thanksgiving. It was supposed to be an easy, light, calm day. Then I restarted my work computer. It didn’t come back up.

I cannot tell you the panic that washed through me. Pure adrenaline and panic.

I spent the next 5 hours trying to reinstall the bootloader. (I still have no clue WHAT I did to screw that up. I did do a kernel update on accident but the last time I did that on accident, it just screwed up the grub configuration file. How the kernel update actually hosed the grub install, I can’t figure out.) Thanks to having the most nonstandard setup in the world, nothing worked. My birthday was Thursday and Bear and I wanted to go home so badly, so finally I gave up and we went home. Bear had also been stressing about some boxes not being at home. Seriously stressing that they were supposed to be here. They were, the neighbors had taken them so that no one would steal them. We have good neighbors, because if someone had taken these? I would have cried. Turns out they were full of one of the best birthday gifts ever. They were full of dragons. Gorgeous figurine dragons. I’ll show pics later.

Thursday was full of good food. I think it was Bear’s best Thanksgiving dinner ever. It was also full of phone calls to say “Happy Birthday! Happy Thanksgiving!” It was full of sunshine and a flat tire on the car.

So Friday I changed the tire (not me, I, the guys down the street that I ordered more tires from, I). Then ordered 4 more tires cause the ones on there had needed to go for a while. Then around 6 I went into the lab to try getting the computer back up and running again. After 5 more hours I gave up and broke the drive mirror and reinstalled on one of the drives. I backed up to my laptop before I did that, so I had a backup of the data on the second drive and on my laptop.

It’s now Sunday and all the programs and drivers are installed again, data (over 20GB) is moved back over, settings and configurations are done.

It was still a great holiday. A great birthday. I’m just so glad I’ve survived. Now I have to go work on the presentation that I forgot about in all the excitement.

finish the thought

My advisor got on my case today about finishing my sentences. Granted, today I’m tired, which makes the problem worse than usual, but this isn’t something that is only happening today. When I was a kid, I was well socialized. I had school and a big family. I was shy, but I could usually express myself. Recently (as in the last 2 to 3 years) I’ve noticed that most of my time is spent either inside my head or talking to Bear, Lin or my brother.

Bear and Linda know me well enough that it’s like living in my head. I can speak half a sentence and not even notice I didn’t finish. Carl at least makes me stretch a bit because he thinks and behaves and acts so differently from me. I’ve known him for so very long, but familiarity in his case did not lead to a mind meld like I have going with Lin and Bear. That’s besides the point. God, I’m really not finishing my thoughts am I?

My point is that I need socialization. It’s gotten way too bad if my advisor is calling me on it.

Debris in my head

I want to play with Twitter. I think my brother would be a good victim. Unfortunately he’s busy. Boo.

Ma new boots kick ass. They also are a wee bit tighter than my feet are used to shoes being. This is resulting in me being very aware of my feet and how I constantly try to sit on them or prop them up on the computer. I still remember the day I was coding with headphones on and my advisor snuck up on me. I had gotten comfortable with my feet or legs propped up on the computer (warm box down at my feet, duh). She waited until I noticed her and pulled off my headphones to say, “Enjoying your ten thousand dollar foot rest?” Yeah, for all she was just poking at me, I flushed red then and still get uncomfortable when I think of it.

I’m still loving Adele, but “You know what they do to guys like us in prison” by MCR and “Kids” by MGMT and “L.E.S. Artistes” by Santogold are fun dancing songs. Which actually doesn’t help my attempt to finish coding and debugging by Monday…

Ubuntu 8.10 kicks ass. Mostly it looks like 8.04, but it’s snappier and it has little cute things that I’m enjoying. Like the amarok icon displaying the song progress by slowly greying out. 10% of song played means the top 10% of the icon is shaded. For a long time I kept looking at the icon going what is UP with that psycho little thing. Also, having pidgin status integrated into the user switcher. Very cute cool little things. Debating though if I want to install the million packages to get bucket working in gnome.

I found this article yesterday Debt Man Walking” by

Cracks it right open

Y’all! So I wrote that blog entry about this morning and while I was fighting with the ridiculousness of the main page not showing the same content as the entry page I was playing some other songs by Adele on youtube/myspace/ (wherever I could find songs). Y’all. Y’all. Her voice is GORGEOUS. It’s heartbreaking. Listen! I can embed?

That one’s my favorite right now. I’m on the third listen and I’m not thinking I’m gonna get tired. Wow. But there are so cute songs too. Want a link to the page for her? Adele’s myspace? Have fun! (The myspace has Hometown Glory.)