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November 2008
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Happy hump dayen

I’m so excited. I have new boots waiting for me at home! WOOOO.

Then Bear slept last night!! I love when he gets sleep, even if it means that I don’t get much. I’d rather wake up at 8, no matter how hard it is for me. He was very patient this morning though. Went downstairs to watch music videos while I got ready. I was in the bathroom putting on make up when I hear “Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements? Even if it leads nowhere? Would it be a waste, even if I knew my place? should I leave it there?”

Not even a minute into the song I’m dancing in around the bathroom. I come downstairs and Bear plays it again as I put on my shoes. Then he dances me out of the house playing it one more time. I’m sharing it here. It was a great song to get us going this morning. The video for this song is so fun, but none of the ones on youtube allow for embedding, so live it is.

Stacked Deck

I had this dream last night. I had just broken up with a boyfriend. No one serious, just a guy I’d dated and kinda liked for a few months. I had gone out with some friends and (because this is a dream) we were at a ski resort with this other circle of friends (except we weren’t skiing because it was fall and snow hadn’t fallen yet). I can’t remember a lot of the detail, but also at the resort, in the other circle of friends was Bear and this girl. I liked Bear. I took every chance I got to hang out with him, but I thought that he and this girl were dating. I was just enjoying the company. There was even this one weird sequence where a bunch of us were on some couches in some room, like one of those rooms in resorts with the fireplace and the couches. And he ended up holding my legs. Like there were a few ottomans that a group of us had commandeered to prop our legs and feet up and I had slouched down and my legs were completely across the ottoman with a friends feet propped on mine and he lifted my legs and sat and then held them on his lap. But kinda hugged them. Eventually I told him I loved him. It was right after the other girl told me she was going to get him to date her and I realized they weren’t dating. Apparently I’m not very nice. He said he loved me and wham I woke up. Granted the alarm had been going for forever.

I remember holding his face in my dream the way I do in real life. That was a good dream. A good way to wake up. I’m pretty sure I even know why I had the dream. I guess that maybe that deck was stacked too. :-)


Two articles (one long, and one really really long) have been keeping me entertained.

Secrets of Storytelling is about how and why we enjoy stories so much. I remember in high school our english teacher telling us that we had to “suspend disbelief”. Trust me, there isn’t a girl who has graduated from HS who had this teacher that doesn’t still hear her voice in our heads. Her title was not Professor, or Teacher, or even the generic Mrs/s. She was Queen.

The other article is Newsweek’s Secrets of the 2008 Campaign. I’m fascinated by all the behind the scenes fighting and decisions. The link takes you to the highlights, which are fascinating enough on their own, but follow along to chapter 1. I think it’s worth the time.

Enjoy a song as well. I had forgotten how much I loved this song until I was randomly going through youtube last night. I love the video as well.

Familiar and comfortable

So my brother’s visiting. He’s also visiting his girlfriend, so he hasn’t been around constantly and we made plans with him and his gf and Bear and I to all go to lunch today at 1:30. This morning I woke up at 9am and found Bear playing WOW. Which meant he hadn’t gone to sleep. Which meant the chances of him going to lunch were miniscule. I got kinda pissed and ended up pissing him off a little. Then I coaxed him into bed and into sleep because I care more about him functioning than I do about him going out to lunch.

While I was getting him into bed, he kept saying that he was going to lunch and he wasn’t going to fall asleep. I kept saying “Ok.” because he needed to relax. He was way wound up. Finally at 10am, he fell asleep. He fell asleep swearing to me that he was going to lunch and that he wasn’t going to fall asleep. I had no faith in either of those things happening. Especially once he started snoring.

At 1pm, I was a little mopey but very sure of myself. I go to get dressed and he wakes up while I’m getting my clothes. At first he’s falling back asleep, but he ends up getting up. Showered and everything so that by the time my brother and his gf arrived we were at the door. It ended up being a nice lunch and now at 11:30, I’m laughing at the memory of snapping at him that if he wanted to get out of lunch he could have just said something instead of staying up all night.

I remember days when this would have been crushing. I would have been crying at Bear and been mopey at lunch. Bear would have fed off my attitude and been snappish. I know we only got married around 4 months ago, but I think there’s something to be said for having a relationship that’s 6 years old. I love how comfortable the relationship is now. How I know Bear well enough to know how certain things will go, but no matter how familiar he is, he still surprises me.