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November 2008
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Everyone else is out having fun or sleeping. I’m stuck dealing with the most tedious aspect of coding. Copying and replacing. Basically I coded something up badly (read, I was not translating from C++/sequentialhighlevelcode to VHDL/concurrenthardwaredescription very well). Now I have to fix it. Fixing it doesn’t require thought, just attention and fingers on the keyboard. I’m bored. BORED. *sighs*

It’s good no one is around though, because if they were, I’d be getting nothing done.

So I want a disctraction from the crap I have to get done, but if I had a distraction, then I wouldn’t actually be able to accomplish the things that have me wanting a distraction. This was easier when I was coding this stuff up in the first place because at least then it was INTERESTING.

Sanity returns

I am going to be productive today. My brother is coming to visit and I want my shit for this week DONE before he gets here. Yesterday was an insanity day, but today I’m feeling sane and stubborn.

Also, if when you walk to get food, your body says, “no sugar, no caffiene.”, but you get a muffin and coffee, then you deserve what you get. When your body tells you, “maybe some fruit and tea and wait until lunch so we can get something tasty.” you should know better than to ignore it. *sighs* I mean, if your body freaking TALKS TO YOU THEN LISTEN.

Hmmm. It’s entirely possible that today isn’t as sane as I thought.