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December 2008
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Good reasons for being tired

I’m dragging today, but I have the best reasons possible, so I’m happy even as I’m barely functioning. It’s a good tired. I made a new friend that came over to the house and Bear did not flip. He was laughing at me this morning, so definitely our world is a-okay. Seriously, I walk into the bathroom while Bear is taking a shower because I left my glasses in there last night. I tell Bear I’m gonna head out to warm up the car because it got cold last night. He tells me “I told you so.” I was confused because he told me what?

“You told me what?”

“That it was going to get cold.”

Sometimes I wonder if he talks to me while I’m sleeping and then counts it as a conversation. Unlike my mother, I know I don’t talk in my sleep. I also don’t think one way conversations should count.

“Yes, sure babe, you told me it was going to get cold.” I’m not nearly as good at dry sarcasm as my father, but I thought it was a fairly good imitation.

“Yes. I told you it was going to be cold and you said not until Saturday.” His ability to ignore said sarcasm is apparently much stronger than I thought.

I snorted and left the bathroom. The second I closed the door I heard massive amounts of giggles. I burst into laughter cause there is nothing that makes me laugh harder than Bear or Carl laughing. It usually doesn’t even matter if I’m pissed or sad or anything. Their happiness is such a bright thing to me.

So yeah. Good morning after a freaking fantastic night making a new friend. After I went to bed last night I realized I haven’t made a new friend in almost six years. That would explain the adrenaline shakes I got after she left.