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December 2008
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I need to create in 3 days what has taken a coworker of mine 3 months. Woo. hoo. Of course I’m blogging instead of working, because really, who doesn’t want a little extra stress?

I really was supposed to work on laundry and packing and get started on this project this weekend, but I ended up doing fun things instead. I don’t regret it at all.

Saturday I got a call from my new friend, AJ. She was having lunch with her mom right around the corner from me. So I trooped off and ended up hanging out with them for hours. We had lunch, went to the Sprint kiosk and bought boots. You would not automatically assume that hanging out at a Sprint kiosky thing for almost two hours would be fun, but AJ and her mom are that awesome. I’d never even met Mommy AJ before.

I think when I go home (weird how I haven’t lived at “home” for more than six years, but it still is home in my head) though, I might need to figure out to have happy quality time with my mom. I think I might have come close to attempting to mommy poach. It’s just been a damn long time since I was anything other than the Mean and Unsympathetic Daughter. I will be so glad when school is over for her.

Bear and I ended up going to see Quantum of Solace at midnight on Saturday, which completely hosed my Sunday. AJ and her mom had seen it the evening before and I realized Bear and I hadn’t seen it yet. We could have gone at a more humane for Emmy time, but no. Bear’s clock is still flipped. Honestly though, my laziness hosed Sunday, but waking up at 2 in the afternoon really didn’t help anything. At least I go home in a few days and that will reset my clock. I miss being a morning person. Helps when you know little kids are up and wanting to play with you. Or having a mother that wakes up at 5am.