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January 2009
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Limits of interaction

Last night Bear and I had dinner with two of his work friends, we shall call them Belle and Red. Also at dinner was a lovely lovely woman who has since left the company and her equally lovely husband. The couple shall not be named because they truly were lovely and we could have had a very very nice happy reciprocal evening with them, thus they are going to be spared from my telling of the evening.

Bear and I have had meals with Belle and Red and various other people from his work years three times now. Once right before we got married, one time when the restaurant lost power and had sirens going off for hours and Bear and I left before anyone else, and then last night. I ended up picking up Belle, Red, and Bear from work and driving us all to dinner and then dropping Belle off at her apartment since Red lives right near the restaurant. This means I got lots of quality time with Belle and Red. Belle and Red … intimidate is the wrong word, because Bear’s mom actually intimidates me, these two just leave me wondering what to say or think. Belle is knock-down, drag out, model worthy gorgeous. Red is very pretty and loud. Both are funny and girly and fucking wicked intelligent and very very well educated and traveled. I’m am not a bupkis, but honestly, I feel worlds removed from them. All that and I’m actually pretty positive they’d be horrified if they found out how I feel. Because they are NICE.

Red has been the organizer of these events and I think this evening was her attempt to make up for the time the restaurant lost power. It wasn’t her fault or anything, but no one showed up on time, and some people showed up hours late only to have the power go out and sirens go off right after they finally arrived. Also, food was bland and really not worth the effort or money at all. It was kind of a mess of a lunch. No, it really was a mess. Tonight was better. Good restaurant with great food and a very nice atmosphere and fair prices. There was some problems with people showing up on time, but nothing like the last time and Red is more than capable of entertaining.  Unfortunately I kind of had a headache from class.

Class kinda sucked. We were in a super warm room with a prof who defines absent-minded and had prepped himself for talking to undergrads. My head hurt at the end of the nearly 2 hours. He couldn’t figure out how to work the lights or the computer. He’s a COMPUTER SCIENCE PROFESSOR. My head just started throbbing right there. When I say he couldn’t figure out the lights, I mean, he managed to turn off all the lights EXCEPT the one pointing right at the project screen, which he was trying to use. 4 switches dude. NOT THAT COMPLICATED. When I say he couldn’t use the computer, he couldn’t even LOG IN. Resizing windows was stumping him. I was kinda flabbergasted and just tired. Going from that to having to deal with Belle and Bear trying to figure out GPS directions to Red’s HOUSE practically while Red and I are like, um, “We’ve got this you guys” and (Red) “I’ve only lived around here all my life”. WE HAVE IT ALREADY PLEASE. It kinda killed me. Not that Bear and Belle weren’t kinda hilarious. Then parking the car. In a no parking zone. And Bear watching the “vehicle” throughout dinner. And Red mocking him. And finding out that the baby pics of Bear from the wedding were given to Red just easy as you please when I had to beg and cry and promise on my life that those pictures weren’t going to leave my possession just. I don’t have words.

There was a lot more to the evening, but I hit overload pretty early. Weirdly, I think I talked more after I hit overload, but parts of my brain fizzed out. I think AJ and I might fit perfectly enough that I can handle her after 2 weeks of family insensity even though I don’t know her well enough for it to be easy or seamless, but Belle and Red are too much. Too much energy and stimulation and work. Hell even Lin isn’t seamless when we’re tired or off, but she’s never work or too much.