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January 2009
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not really OCD

I went to wake Bear up this morning and as he was grumbling and coming to consciousness I go get dressed. I’m on the other side of the bed as he sits up and I notice in front of him, the humidifier is still on. I think to myself, “Self, that humidifier has been on for two days. Turn it off.”

Just as I think that Bear reaches forward and starts fiddling with the knobs on it.

“Eep, what are you doing?!” I hate when he does shit like that. Just starts fiddling instead of looking and then making appropriate actions. I’m a little anal sometimes.

“Trying to turn it off.” As he says that it clicks off.

I open my mouth to say “Couldn’t you just wait for me to do it?” when I realized that was a little too close to crazy town and while Bear and I do tend to do shit like coincidentally think about turning off the humidifier at the same time or mind meld on what we want for dinner, that doesn’t mean he could actually read my mind.

So instead I waited for him to lumber sleepily into the bathroom then I went and reset the little knob that he’d put out of whack.

I might need help.