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January 2009
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whiny bitch

So this weekend was a little crazy. AJ left town and I drove her to the bus station and picked her up when she came back. I also had a potential labmate come to town for a workshop and she stayed with Bear and I. I ended up picking her up at the bus station and driving her to campus through the 6 inches of snow that got dumped on us between Saturday night and Sunday morning. Then it snowed again Sunday night after I picked her up so Monday morning’s drive to drop her off again wasn’t fun either. I also made approximately 5,902,203 trips to the grocery store. Monday after I dropped the labmate at ass o’clock and put Bear to sleep I went to AJ’s and just did nothing but sit on her couch and watch her cook and watch Criminal Minds until almost midnight. It was exactly what I needed and AJ said she was happy about it too.

I know I didn’t actually DO much, there were huge chunks of time between all the picking people up and dropping them off and going to the grocery store and poking at Bear, but I just felt like there wasn’t any time. Like I’d put on all my layers, every drive took 5x as long, get home and inside, warm up, take off all my layers, then it’d be time to start all over again. Didn’t help that it just kept snowing so constantly. It would have been a million times worse if I had had to spend all my time shoveling. Bear and I really do have the best landlords.

I’m whiny. I’ve been whiny since Saturday I think. I’ve been feeling kinda uncertain too. I need to get on top of some shit like my research, which hasn’t been moving all that great lately. I had some good moments Thursday, but then I went into having a visitor panic and I haven’t revisited it since.

The inauguration yesterday was pretty special though. And Bear’s mom called last night, she was super excited about the inaugaration and wants Bear and I to figure out a way that she can have it on a dvd so she can show her grandkids. She also took the oppurtunity to make sure I realized that I should have said grandkids before I’m 35. Just FYI you know. I don’t want to lose my chance you know. Really wouldn’t be good for my health to wait that long.

*sighs* She is so cute and I think for now I’ll just laugh and enjoy it and not think about how this is only the beginning. From now until I either turn 35 or give her grandkids it will continue and probably only get worse. I hate when she calls and Bear is sleeping for more than one reason.

For all my whining, life is pretty spectacular right now.

Oh, except for the fact that I got to work today and my dragon that I’d taken to school from the set Bear gave me at my birthday had its tail fucking snapped off. I’m so pissed. I don’t know who and I’m not pointing fingers and I’m just assuming it was cleaning people and I’m not replacing it but fucking hell. Just. Hell. I’ll find glue for porcelain and probably you won’t be able to even tell once I’ve glued it back because it’s a clean break. I’m still pissed.