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January 2009
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Thick skin

Bear and I had a lovely dinner at this creole/cajun/texmex/I’mInNewEnglandAndDesperate restaurant. It’s actually the best of it’s kind that I’ve found up here. Creole/Cajun type of food means they use pepper in most of the dishes. Poblano, jalepeno, etc. They also use what Bear thinks is a nearly excessive amount of black pepper, although I think that actually isn’t related to the conversation that followed. Bear is very sensitive, but most of the dishes are just hot enough to satisfy me and not so hot that Bear can’t eat there.

We get in the car after a very satisfying meal and Bear says, “I’m gonna feel that later.”

He’s made enough comments over the years that I knew what he was talking about. “You know what’s funny, it never burns me when I poo. No matter how hot the food is.”


“No, ever since I moved in with you and you mentioned how it burns your ass after you eat I’ve tried to pay attention. I wonder if my body metabolizes capsaicin.”

“You can’t metabolize capsaicin.”

“Well then my ass isn’t very sensitive.”

“You must have very thick skin on your anus.”

At this point we dissolved into giggles. Because Bear and I are like that. I’m pretty sure this is how we’ve survived 10 years of a relationship. One day I’ll try to reconstruct the blowing the wind down from New England to Texas conversation. I never did save that chat and it was definitely more than 5 years ago though.