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February 2009
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As you wish

4 paper reviews and I just got an email asking to help her debug a student’s code. An undergrad student from her class. I’m covering her class in two weeks. I’m starting to feel like her… assistant? Except I’m not sure an assistant would be covering her class. Her personal TA.


Go home and grow up

So it’s been a crazy week since I last posted. Bear and I bought a car? There is a car, there is a loan with our names on it, there is a new car smell, and there is a voice that even talks to me when I push a button. I still keep feeling like I’m going to go out to my car in the morning and get in my Rav. I keep thinking I need to name the new car because the Fusion just isn’t the same as the Rav. Also, the Rav never talked to me. Well, it did, the noises it made and the way it rumbled sometimes told me many things, especially that it was feeling tired and old and needed either someone to come inside and help fix things or that it needed to stop soon. Bear and I decided that we could afford a new car and with the way the market is going that it was time to buy if we were gonna in the next year or so. Bear, I think, was less willing to believe that the Rav was gonna last me much longer. I knew my baby was complaining to me, but I think she was just saying she needed someone to look at her starter and maybe patch her suspension again.

Well, so, Saturday Bear and I spent a lot of time looking at cars then signing papers. Saturday night I was kinda wiped, but AJ and I had hot pot and then watched Bear play an rpg before sleepy time. Sunday I spent most of the day cleaning out the car and getting ready to hand it over. I made lists of all the shit that had to happen Monday before I drove off with the new car. I took breaks to swing on a swing with AJ and watch some Criminal Minds. Then Monday the Rav didn’t want to start in the morning, which made me jittery and started the day off on a tense note. I had forgotten I had a meeting at school, which I really shouldn’t skip. Then I spent the rest of the day hassling with the Registry (ugh I hate them) and the insurance (which actually wasn’t a hassle AT ALL because I love my insurance company and they are awesome) and the dealership. Then Bear and I drove to the bookstore and to dinner just to spend some time in the car. Then I watched a college bball game with AJ. Then yesterday I napped and worked on my paper.

Also Bear and I have had some ridiculous conversations. One of which was about whose car the Fusion (need a new name) really is. I say its our car, especially when you consider that Bear is pretty much paying for it. Bear says it’s my car since I drive it. We went back and forth until Bear came up with this gem:
“Are your panties yours?”
“Um, yeah. I would hope so.”
“Then think of this as a really big panty. That I sometimes get into.”
I got a very boggled look on my face for about two seconds before I burst into laughter.
“Panties?? You really want me to think of the car as panties? Because I gotta say, I’m not so cool with the idea that I have panties that your mom, my mom, my brother, your brother, AJ, Linda, and a bunch of other people get into.”
Bear scowled. Literally scowled at me. “You didn’t have to take it there.”
“It was YOUR analogy.”
“You still didn’t have to take it there.”
I pretty much laughed hysterically the rest of the way into work.

Which about sums up the situation for me. I’ve been feeling very comfortable and at the same time uncomfortable because Bear and I manned up and put on our big boy and girl pants and bought ourselves a car and got a loan and transferred insurance and I really want to shout “I will not grow up! You cannot make me!”

Also, I really need to work on the new paper for the next conference I’m submitting to. *le sigh*

Sneaky bitch

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