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February 2009
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Due to Zombies

If you’ve ever spent time talking to Bear about housing or the apocalypse, you have probably realized that we are concerned about zombies in the Bear household. Our future homes are all evaluated with regards to how well they would withstand a zombie attack. We have books on surviving a zombie apocalypse. We look at cars and wonder how well they would tear through hordes of zombies. Considering the female half of the Bear household is more prone to thinking about dragons and fairies, it might be an odd outlook, but it exists nonetheless. Thus, it is with great trepidation that we have seen the recent news reports from TX and IL.

Don’t worry though, Bear has that zombie manual memorized I think. We’ll be fine. Also, like I told our friend Xel, we’ll really worry when we start seeing them in PA or NY.


Y’all, I’ve been kinda having a shitty last few days. I think it’s better? I had a work problem that was very serious. Bear was sick. I had family issues. I forgot about a papery thing that was due for my class until 3 hours before class. I brained myself in the head with the coffee table. That was lovely. AJ was right there to witness it too. Lovely. That’s not to say I didn’t have fun. Bear and I had some good quality time in between all his sleeping and coughing and miserableness. AJ and I had some quality time. Nice talking, watching CM, grocery shopping, brunch eating time. Also I have some really happy making stuff to read. Its just that some things blew up on me.

But today, on my way back to my lab after class, I had the most beautiful idea. I AM GOING TO SPIN!! I cannot tell you how excited I am. I’m going to watch that episode of the Closer that came on a wee bit ago and if I get really into it maybe I’ll find a movie to watch. I am going to switch my bobbins and do a fluffy 2 ply.

Assuming I keep spinning and never get around to knitting again I really will have to find a knitter that wants to take this shit off my hands, but we can get to that part later. YAY.