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March 2009
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Things of Beauty

I’ve been kinda low lately. I think just tired, emotionally. This weekend was supposed to be a really quiet calm weekend and then yesterday was a bit emotional. Bear and I pulled through, but I fell asleep before 11 which is way early for me and woke up before 8. So I’ve spent the whole morning catching up on blogs and playing around. I’ve found three things that must be shared. All were from SBTB. That site is always full of win, I’m sorry I haven’t been able to visit lately.

The first is a video. It is long, yes, but trust me, so worth the time. (16m)

The second is another video, also a little long, but even better. (I am totally giving you these from least to most favorite for me. 12m)

The last thing is a blog post and subsequent comment thread on SBTB. Y’all, I cannot express how hilarious some of the comments are. You must read.

Dragon Well tea from DRAGON WELL

I had a writer person that I do not actually know call me awesome. It was cool. I’ve had AJ say very nice things about me too, and I totally respect and admire her ability to write, but at this point she loves me and I do not feel her belief in me to be unbiased. Granted, I may have told the other writer person how much I love his shit, so it’s possible there was bias there too and that I should not feel flattered. Whatever. Life has felt like it’s on the edge of breaking for days and days now. The best period of time was between 8:30pm Friday night until 4pm Saturday. Bear and I were practically melding into each other’s skin and I felt so fucking safe and happy and loved. Then I went back to work on my exam and Bear got snippy with me without telling me what I did, so life went back to feeling fragile.

AJ came home yesterday too. The other awesome portion of the weekend was hearing about her trip and seeing all the cool stuff she found and she bought me a jade dragon and Dragon Well tea from Dragon Well. I made heart eyes at her. I have truly been blessed with some fucking awesome people. The stories she had to tell and the high she was on from her trip despite the jetlag was extremely amazing.

My papers are going along. Bear is gonna have to help me tomorrow clean them up and get them ready to turn in on Tuesday. Mom called just to piss me off earlier today (I’m still calling it Sunday although this is going to register as Monday when it posts).

I think I had something interesting to say when I came over to post. It is gone now.

Untie the knot

I am watching the documentary thingy on the pilot who landed in the Hudson. It is both ridiculous and amazing at the same time. I think I would not have jumped into the river. I would have stayed on the wings. That pilot was solid. I’m not sure the copilot was though.

Note for the day: I am a whore for anything with cinnamon or honeysuckle scent/flavor.

Bear and I slept a lot today, because we kept feeling so tired, but now we both have headaches. Excedrin is sadly, not helping much.

New favorite songs: New American Classic – Taking Back Sunday, Missy – The Airborne Toxic Event

You cannot see me!

This morning I almost literally crawled out of bed 20 minutes late. Which means that the alarm had been going for 50 minutes. Which meant that I was super tired. I get to the bathroom, take care of business, come back to tell Bear I’m out.

“Bear.” Silence.

“Bear. Get up.” Silence.

“Your turn. Get up.” Silence.

He groans. “My name is Mutant Ninja!” (I know he didn’t actually say mutant, but fuck if I can remember what kind of ninja he was.)

“…I’m supposed to call you that?” I was still getting dressed, but I had actually paused at the title. I think I had already forgotten what kind of ninja he was.


“Ninja. Get up.” Tiredness meant I was actually able to say that with a straight face and dry tone.

The covers whipped over his head. “You cannot see me!”

That however, was too much and I started laughing. “Sadly, Ninja, you are going to be late whether I can see you or not. Get up.”

“Maybe if I got some head scratches? Or back scratches? Feet?”

The complete and utter silliness that he sometimes wakes up with always surprises me. Sometimes it comes only when he’s super tired or really well rested or somewhere in between like he was today. Good dreams maybe? He got some head scratches and I got some cuddles and we finally got out the door. He would have been on time too if we hadn’t had traffic almost the whole way. I’m still wicked tired. We shouldn’t have stayed up until 3 or whenever it was.